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POD HD500 FX loop block
by corstroe on 2011-11-01 06:11:28.5760


I want to use my Carl Martin Plexitone in the FX loop block of the POD HD500, so I can use the Plexitone like any other fx block in the POD. FYI I run all my effects in front of the amp (no fx loop).

The concept works great when the loop block is on. When turning the block off I can still hear the hiss from the Plexitone (or any other distortion pedal). I looks that the FX return is not cut off at all. As a workaround I tried the FX loop block return level, but the minimum level of the return is 0db. I am only able to boost the return level.

Is there a workaround for this?


Re: POD HD500 FX loop block
by Rowbi on 2011-11-01 07:39:26.2670

that's actually done on purpose.  in case you're using a delay pedal and when you change presets you still want to hear the delay trails.

here's the advanced guide:

read the top of page 2.3 and you'll see how to turn off the trails settings and stop that hiss.

i hope this answers your question for you.



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Re: POD HD500 FX loop block
by corstroe on 2011-11-02 06:20:35.9310

Thanks Rowbi,

I overread that part. A shame that they choose to combine this function for the delay/reverb spillover AND the internal loop.


Re: POD HD500 FX loop block
by Rowbi on 2011-11-02 06:22:50.4220

i guess if you want one and not the other, yeah that'd be a pain.

why not put in a feature request to Line 6 to seperate those 2 features.  then perhaps in the future if they can be seperated, L6 will do that.

click the contact us link at the bottom of this page, and then click product feedback.  within that form you can select 'new feature'

I hope this is helpful


Re: POD HD500 FX loop block
by bshaw92 on 2012-05-24 08:11:50.5400

I am looking at adding one of these also as I like the demos I've seen. Let me know what your result ends up being and the sound quality you get compared to the other distortion effects available in the HD. If you have sound samples that would be lovely. You could even sample them on your phone and email me if you would. I am interested in the slightly crunchy to med/high crunchy range and how well they go together.

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