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JTV 59 controlled by POD HD 500, more info please!!!!
by daferalo on 2011-11-01 12:08:06.9050

Hi Folks,

I would like to ask the following questions due to there is no available information at the user manuals regarding to them. I know that I can control my jtv 59 through my POD HD 500 by using the VDI connection and a VDI cable and setting guitar input source as "variax ch 1" (at least for one of the guitar input sources) and setting VDI input and Variax control options as "Tyler Variax" and "Enabled", respectively. Also, I am talking from the POD HD 500 Edit software point of view. Ok. here are the questions:

1) In the "model" menu, you can choose among your 10 different custom models and 100 different guitar model options, 5 per each of the 10 guitar model groups repeated twice because there are "F" labeled models and "U" labeled ones. A good forum member told me that "F" means "factory" models which are factory loaded into the guitar memory, and "U" means "user" models which are modified by the user with its own tunning and set up options saved, different from those 10 custom model options. For me, it sounds like you can have an original les paul custom set up (the "F" model), but you can also have your own les paul custom set up with your own tunning ready (the "U" model). So, How can I do that??

2) When controlling the JTV through the HD 500, what is supposed to happen with the guitar control knobs (guitar model and tone controls)?? I mean, Are they disabled?? Or, If you physically move those control knobs in the guitar, i. e. you change the guitar model or lower the tone level, Does that change come into action in spite of the fact that the POD HD 500 has "selected" other values and is controlling the guitar??

3) Is there any way to control the tone of the magnetic pickup signal (Variax ch 2) with the tone control option?? Or, all of those controls are only intended for the variax ch 1?

Thanks in advance. Best Regards,


Re: JTV 59 controlled by POD HD 500, more info please!!!!
by silverhead on 2011-11-01 13:46:55.8100

1) The factory models cannot be changed/edited. They are always available as part of the HD500/JTV firmware and communications. The user models can be edited and saved to the JTV using Workbench, in essentially the same way that you can use HD500 Edit to change/save HD500 presets. Workbench will allow you to save custom tunings as part of the model, but don't forget you can apply alternate tunings to a saved model with a flick of the ALT Tunings wheel on the JTV as well.

2) Recalling a preset on the HD500 will load the saved state of the JTV model. After that, you can still control the JTV using its own model selector and tone controls. The JTV will respond (so will the HD500) and the sounds will change but the changes are not saved to the preset unless you do so manually, just like any other change to a preset. The next time you recall the saved preset it will restore the last-saved settings, including the JTV settings.

3) Don't know.

Re: JTV 59 controlled by POD HD 500, more info please!!!!
by edstar1960 on 2011-11-02 05:55:33.1390

As silverhead says in (2) - the controls on the JTV will override any info from the saved preset BUT only if you adjust them after switching to the preset - so, once you have selected the HD500 preset that has JTV control specified,  if you don't touch the pickup toggle switch, or the volume or tone control, or the model or alt tune control - then whatever you have stored from your HD500 preset will take effect - BUT as soon as you alter one of the onboard JTV controls then that will override the stored setting. To reset just press the preset button to reload it.  NB: The ALT TUNE knob should be in MODEL position for it to work in this way - if it is in any of the other positions then I believe it will apply whatever ALTERED TUNING is in that position to the model that gets loaded from the HD500. Hope that is clear.

Regarding (3) - I don't believe there is anyway to control the TONE value for the mag pickups from your HD500 patch - the TONE value that can be saved in the patch is just relating to the specific MODEL selected. The mags behave just like any other normal guitar and you have to adjust them manually.

Re: JTV 59 controlled by POD HD 500, more info please!!!!
by daferalo on 2011-11-02 08:08:14.5000

Thank you all folks for taking the time to share your knowledge, very clear now!!!!

Best Regards,


Re: JTV 59 controlled by POD HD 500, more info please!!!!
by daferalo on 2011-11-02 08:11:27.6140

Hey Edstar, how did you get your jtv fixed? I have read that you had troubles in the past, and today I read that fortunatelly everything is O.K for you now, so How did you get it? What did you do?

I think I have the same earth problems with mine, but I am not totally sure. I mean, when connecting through VDI cable I get a hum noise on magnetic pickups that dissapear when touching a metal part. I am not sure if it happens with a standard 1/4 connection, so that is why I am not totally sure about. Thanks in advance

Re: JTV 59 controlled by POD HD 500, more info please!!!!
by edstar1960 on 2011-11-02 09:01:26.7810

Hi Daf,

Long story - but essentially I now have another replacement JTV - it's my third one and its a W1108 from the latest batch - and this one is fine and does not have any of the problems I reported with the second one (ie: switch issue, bad earth, excessive hiss on mags via VDI, excessive noise and weird radio noises on CHIME, ACOUSTIC, CUSTOM2  positions 2 and 4).  This new one does still have a hiss on the mags when using VDI but not as bad as the second one, and also it does not have any earthing problems, so that makes a big difference too.

My first and second JTVs went back to Line6 UK for repair via my dealer but because both were returned to me and the faults still present, I ended up with the replacements.  This third one was sourced for me directly by Line6 UK as they acknowledged my second JTV was faulty, and they verified it was functioning perfectly before I swapped it.

My second JTV, which was faulty, had a definite hum and earth problem when I used it with my HD500 stand alone - ie: not connected to an amp or PC - but when I connected it to an amp or PC the earthing problem was much reduced as I had provided an earth via some other equipment. This latest JTV (my third) works fine when using the HD500 stand alone, it does not have the very loud hum and bad earth.

Earthing issues can be caused simply because of your location - I know of someone who recreated my earth problem by using his HD500 and JTV in a property with electrical supply with a poor earth connection however when he was in his own home he had no problem at all.  For a while, I thought the eathing issue with my second JTV was because of my home supply but with this third JTV working perfectly, I now know that the problem was actually the guitar and not my home.

If you can determine that your earthing issue is only with your JTV and that you have the problem where ever you try it even if you know that the local electircal supply has a good earth connection, then it is likely you do have a faulty guitar and you should contact Line6 to arrange to get it looked at and repaired.

Good luck - I hope your guitar is fine - but if not then I am sure Line6 will resolve it for you.

Best Regards


Re: JTV 59 controlled by POD HD 500, more info please!!!!
by lindsayward on 2011-11-02 18:12:19.2070

I just did a quick test to see what happens with the tone knob when you are running both models + mags.

The tone knob adjusts both. If you wanted two different tone positions, you could set the tone in the POD patch, (mags' tone would be the position of the knob) but when you moved the knob it would reset the model's tone to the knob position.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.