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Pod XT Black Screen Only.
by DanielBTE on 2011-11-03 04:22:26.5570

I followed all setup instructions etc and tried my best to find an answer in these forums, but no luck.
I saw people with blank screens, but my Pod XT passed the SRAM test that most were doing.
I just got this today, so it should be in perfect working order.

I have also done a flash reset and everything else I could find, the only time I can see ANYTHING at all on the screen of the pod is when I boot in Safe Mode B, with the SRAM test.

Re: Pod XT Black Screen Only.
by Triryche on 2011-11-03 06:54:15.2070

You could try adjusting the contrast.

Press TUNER,  turn  SELECT knob two clicks, adjust with TWEAK knob, exit with TUNER button. 

Re: Pod XT Black Screen Only.
by DanielBTE on 2011-11-03 08:14:37.6220

Thanks dude, I found out that a while ago now and forgot to update. Not entirely sure how it got to that setting since I just took it out of the box.....

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