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POD HD Pro Tuner sends dry signal!
by damonkey999 on 2011-11-04 01:47:19.4930

I recently bought a POD HD Pro after selling my POD HD500. With the HD500, I was able to do a 4 cable method connection to my amp without problems.
After getting the HD Pro, a problem showed.
When in tuning mode, even when set to Mute, a dry signal is sent out the FX Send.

When off tuning, however, everything is working as it should, no extra sends.

Is there some setting I can't find that I need to adjust?
Is it a firmware problem? If so, why would the HD500 not have a problem, but the HD Pro do? Don't they use the same firmware pretty much?

Thanks for your help in advance!

Re: POD HD Pro Tuner sends dry signal!
by Rowbi on 2011-11-04 02:11:45.6560

hmm, that's interesting.

if youare in a preset with the FX loop turned off, and then go into the tuner, does the problem go away?

I'm thinking if it is a bug, that it may be to do with the logic for when you enter tuner mode.

another test to try, is hold the view button, and in the system menu (i can't remember which page its on) turn the trails to off).  see if that solves the issue.  I don't think it will, as the trails on just holds open the fx return, but it may do something with the send too.

Let us know how you get on with the tests.

i hope this helps


Re: POD HD Pro Tuner sends dry signal!
by damonkey999 on 2011-11-04 02:38:45.5770

Well, to start off by answering your questions, it's on a patch with NO FX loop, and it still does it. I tested it with the FX Loop both on and off and still doesn't help.
HOWEVER, your help is much appreciated, since turning trails (on the first page) off was the solution.

I actually felt a bit silly, but right before I saw your post, I realized that if I'm doing the 4 cable method with my amp, when tuner mode turns on, the FX patch is no longer in the equation and I wouldn't hear myself anyway.

I just got the POD a couple days ago and hooked it up and ready to be set to my amp via 4 cable method, but haven't plugged it in to my amp yet, just used it to record so far. The FX send is hooked up to my compressor and it's display was telling me it was picking up sound, so I was worried.

Either way, now that I know what the solution is, my mind can be at ease.

Again, your help was MUCH APPRECIATED!

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