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Optimum strings
by gandyman2 on 2011-11-04 08:38:36.5850

As the proud owner of a lovely JTV-59 CSB I was wondering whether to change the strings for my usual 9-42 Elixrs. Does anyone have any experience of how string guage might affect the performance or output?  Are there any recommended strings or sizes?

Re: Optimum strings
by TonyHay on 2011-11-04 09:46:46.9200

I did exactly that with my JTV 59, put on 009 Elixirs.  At the same time I adjusted the action to make it a bit lower.  No issues at all, although I did (of course) check and adjust the intonation.    It played great after.  No adverse issues with the 009's at all. 

Re: Optimum strings
by gandyman2 on 2011-11-04 10:13:36.3400

Thanks Tony,

I wasn't sure about resonance and whether it might be compromised.  I thought it might lower the actionslightly too as there would be less stress on the neck.  My intonation was way out on first play and I even had to move the tailpiece backwards on the low E side due to lack of adjustment.  I think I will go ahead and restring - when I can put the thing down.

Re: Optimum strings
by TonyHay on 2011-11-04 10:22:03.3750

Thanks, I'm glad to help if I can.  I didn't notice anything different at all about how the guitar sounded.  Hope it goes well.

Re: Optimum strings
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-11-04 10:33:02.9410

I use 0.010" to 0.046 strings on my Gibson Les Paul which is pretty similar to my JTV-59.  After a couple of weeks living with the D'Addario 0.010 to 0.046" gauge factory fitted strings I felt they seemed a bit 'stiff' so I changed them for a set of 0.009" to 0.042" D'Addario strings.  I use 0.009" to 0.042" strings on quite a few of my other guitars but for some reason on the JTV-59 these D'Addario nines felt a bit too light so I ended up going back to 0.010" to 0.046" Ernie Ball Slinky which are fine.  I'm not really sure why the original tens felt stiffer than usual - weird - and normally I have no problem with D'Addario strings LOL.  BTW - a friend of mine tried my JTV-59 with the original D'Addario tens and without any prompting from me he complimented the guitar, the build quality and its playability but he said that the strings felt a little stiff too.

If you prefer nines, you shouldn't have any issues with them - maybe I was just having an 'off' day


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