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JTV metal pickup?
by teddiehl on 2011-11-04 18:37:54.8140

I have finally got my Tyler Variax '59 hooked up through Workbench (got it in February.... I'm lazy) and was hoping to see more pickup choices available.  I was wondering if there were new pickups on the horizon and if there was any chance of something more ballsy.  I mean, now that I can adjust the gain level of the pups, I'm guessing I can make the Les Paul bridge pups hotter.... but the models themselves are more geared toward vintage authenticity than they are toward metal tones.  Don't get me wrong, I love vintage tones, but I also like the tuning capability of the guitar and have been playing with a group recently where the stock pickups are more useful than the modeled ones...but I can't access the tuning while using these.   Anyway, I'd like to see a wider variety of "other" pickups....  Screamin' Demon, EMG 81, Duncan Distortion, Duncan Invader, Pearly Gates, EVH, etc.

By the way, great guitar! 

Re: JTV metal pickup?
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-11-05 02:01:44.2620

You can actually do a lot more with the existing guitar/pickup models in your JTV than it might first appear.    In Variax Workbench you can make a number of adjustments to the pickup output levels, pickup positions, volume and tone pot types and values and you can even mix and match bridge and neck pickup types so that if you like you can even stack pickups one on top of the other at say the bridge position.  These aren't my ideas by the way, they are just some tips I picked up by reading some very informative threads in the past by a couple of guys who really spent some time digging into this stuff with the older Variaxes: MerlinFL and Crusty_Old_Rocker.  It all still applies....


Re: JTV metal pickup?
by teddiehl on 2011-11-05 08:35:16.6140

Thanks, I'll try some of those.  Still trying to figure out how Workbench transfers the settings actually.  I swear I'm not stupid, but I seem to keep over-writing the guitar I'm creating with the guitar setting I'm trying send it TO rather than the other way around.  I feel like it is almost counter-intuitive.  I just need to play with it some more or pay closer attention to the instructions.  I gave up last night.  All I wanted to do was change the Custom 1 guitar into five settings I could use regularly. 

Are there "bundles" or "collections" (or whatever they're called) made by users that can be shared on the internet?  I figured there would be some here   or here

Re: JTV metal pickup?
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-11-05 08:54:59.9570

I would PM Neal (MerlinFL) as he is a bit of a wizard with WorkBench and I know in the past he has produced some really helpful stuff including some video clips I believe on getting the best out of it.  He's often offered to help users new to WorkBench in the past and he may be happy to point you in the right direction now.

However if you need more help don't hesitate to ask - as I'm sure one of us who own original Variaxes and/or JTVs will be able to assist you

Yes, there are some bundles of Variax tones about for sure, but not on Custom Tone as there is no home for Variax tones there.

There is a Variax WorkBench FAQ here:

I would always recommend making a backup bundle of your Variax presets before you start tinkering in Variax WorkBench and beyond that I would also back up any preset I'm about to play about with before making any changes.

Remember that whilst your guitar is connected to Variax Workbench you can audition your new tones before sending them to the Variax itself to be stored.  This may give you the impression you've overwritten something, but until you save the altered preset to the Variax your original Variax preset will still be there once you disconnect the guitar from WorkBench


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