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Problems with UX1 on Windows 7 64bit
by stefantraxler on 2011-11-05 10:01:11.2470

Hello Support

I'm using Ux1 on my brand new Acer Laptop on Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit.

After a while of music playback (between 2 and 15 minutes) the audio output stops and the UX1 the seems to lock any application that wants to play any audio signal.

Example: When I listen to some MP3's in Winamp, after a while Winamp freezes and can only be shut down by the windows task manager. From that moment on

  • I can not play any sound in Winamp or any other Audio application again
  • Cubase can not be started anymore, the startup splash screen freezes when it's loading the "VST Audiosystem"
  • Adobe Audition can not select the UX1 ASIO Driver
  • Even Firefox freezes when I visit a webpage containing flash content with audio output (Youtube for example)
  • I can still play sound over the internal speakers when configured so in Winamp

I have the newest drivers installed (v4.2.4.9). The UX1 is directly connected to the USB port of my laptop. Winamp is only an example because that's the primary MP3 player software I use, the Issues are independent of the software I use.

Regards, Stefan

Re: Problems with UX1 on Windows 7 64bit
by stefantraxler on 2011-11-05 13:55:46.0470

Here's some more information i forgot to write:

  • After a restart of Windows everything's working fine for several minutes, the it "freezes" again
  • I've just tried to select the laptop's internal speakers in the Windows Sound settings. But that Dialog crashed. After a restart of Windows I could make these settings, but as soon as the "freeze" happenes again the Windows Sound Settings Dialog will crash.

RE: Problems with UX1 on Windows 7 64bit
by Line6Hugo on 2011-11-08 12:21:28.7350


Computer audio problems can be tricky to resolve as everyone's computer is different by everyone using it differently.

Please make sure to test the UX1 on all of the computer's USB ports while troubleshooting this problem. Completely remove ANY USB hubs, even if not in use.

Here is a document with many more recommendations:

If trying all recommendations in that document don't work, I suggest testing with a different computer to see if there is a hardware conflict with the system.

Also, if you computer is running on a different language than English, please set it to English to see if it will help the problem.



Re: RE: Problems with UX1 on Windows 7 64bit
by Line6david on 2011-11-10 11:22:38.3940


We haven't heard from you in a while, has the issue been resolved?



Line 6 Customer Support

Re: RE: Problems with UX1 on Windows 7 64bit
by Line6Tony on 2011-11-14 13:54:09.7660

Hello. It has been at least 72 hours since we've heard from you. We're going to assume your question has been answered and close this thread. If you feel your question(s) have not been answered, or, if you have further questions, please feel free to re-open a support thread within our support community and we will answer your questions accordingly. Thanks!

Re: Problems with UX1 on Windows 7 64bit
by djgyb on 2013-03-23 05:47:53.6190

I am having the same issue. It is very annoying and quite often (every 2 days). I almost never had this problem with my XP, though I can't tell for sure (given the years I own this piece of equipment).

- I don't have any USB attached to my computer.

- Changing buffer size does not gives back the ability to play anything

- the card through Gearbox works fine (I can play guitar, etc.)

- there are different crash patterns: if a crash occurs when I use for example Reaper, than Reaper can't find it anymore and needs a restart

- sound can stop completely in flash: most of my applications can't play sound, I can't even use the Sound panel of Win7 control panel to fall back to my Realtek soundcard on the motherboard.

If you are willing to give a diagnostic tool I can run when the problem occurs, I can give you some nice data. I'm no novice, heck I work in quality assurance at a software company . The "Welcome to club!" phrases hint me that many of us are having issues with a nasty, non-trivial bug, which MUST be fixed.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.