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Celestion G12T75 & Vintage 30 for Spider III 150
by chris8695 on 2011-11-06 13:47:55.3470

Hi everyone. My name is Chris. i have recently purchased a used spider III 150 watt combo amp from guitar center. the amp sounded excellent at first until i connected my laptop to the amp (so i can play along with songs) which may be a mistake that i should have never done because after that, the amp started sounding muffled. Do you guys think connecting any external music player to the amp will cause problems? Also, i am thinking about putting new speakers into this amp, such as a combination of Celetion G12T75 & Vintage 30. do u guys think they will work with spider III 150? thanks guys. i appreciate it.

Re: RE: Celestion G12T75 & Vintage 30 for Spider III 150
by darealagentp on 2011-11-09 10:47:06.1240

Be careful of inputting line-level audio output signals such as a laptop into the Instrument Input of any Spider amp. The best input would be the mp3/CD player input. Line-level signals can be a bit too much for a guitar/instrument level input circuit... please be careful of that.


Regarding the speakers: you can put in alternative speakers... just be sure they're the correct resistance (8 ohms each). A Vintage 30 can be cool, but just keep in mind that the Spider III is a digital modelling amp, so it's not the same as a tube amp driving the Vintage 30. The stock 12" speakers in our modelling amps are actually "flat-response" versus the midrange signature that Vintage 30 or Greenback 25's (for example) are known for.

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