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Newbie questions - Firmware and others...
by pugdealer on 2011-11-08 08:34:11.0150

Hey everyone

I just got my HD500 yesterday and I've just messed around for an hour or so. I never owned a Line 6 product before. I did my "homework" before I got a lot, watched a bunch of videos and so on. I decided to share some thoughts and ask some questions!

I guess I'm pretty bellow average in terms of general guitar hardware knowledge (amps, fx's...) and I bought this unit cause it seemed a very good all-rounder. I'm upgrading from an old Boss gt-3...yes, I said OLD! I want to connect the pod to a PA and use it as my guitar "amp" and fx's processor and get my mic thru it as well. So far, from what I read and tested, seems to be up to it and more.

I found going thru the menus and changing parameters easier than I expected. Really happy with it...


1 - Having just bought the thing brand new, I would expect it to have the latest firmware installed. Is there a way to check its firmware WITHOUT connecting it to my PC?

2 - (haven't connected the mic yet) Will I have to configure every new preset to get reverb and/or other fx on my mic, or is there a way to setup the mic channel and having "preloaded" on every (new)preset?!? This would really be helpfull!!!

3 - If I change a factory preset, and save it, I'm overwriting the factory preset, right?! How can I get it back? I figured that if I reinstall the flash memory I'm getting all factory presets back, not just 1.

4 - Factory presets are basicly all useless for me. Is there a place I can find good user presets?

Thank you all!!!

Re: Newbie questions - Firmware and others...
by Rowbi on 2011-11-08 08:45:52.7910

Q1: yes press and hold the view button it'll tell you the firmware, or rather the flash version.  the latest is 1.31.  it also depends on how long the pedal has been in stock at your dealer.  L6 load the flash (firmware) at the factory, so if it was manufactured after a firmware was released, then it would include the latest... if not you just need to update it.  it takes 2 minutes with Line 6 monkey (a free software download from the downloads link at the top of this page.  and you'll find using the free Line 6 POD HD500 edit application, that hooking up to your PC is a really good way to dial in presets and tweak settings too.  don't be afraid to hook it up :-)

Q2: you can copy presets in HD500 edit... like I said above, it's really helpful to speed up preset editing.

Q3: yes you overwrite it.  when you reinstall or update flash/firmware, it asks you if you want to keep your existing presets.  you can use Edit to backup them all, so you could do that before editing any and then you will have them saved.  through a process of backing up and restoring you could backup your custom presets, reinstall the flash, backup the defaults, and then restore your custom presets, and then you'd have your backup.

Q4: make them yourself or use  the issue if that everyones guitars, fingers, ears, room acoustics, and amps are different.  usually I find a good number of presets are ok to good, some are terrible and a few are great.  I was on the beta for some of the POD HD products, and the number of hours put into making and testing presets was high, but like I said, the factors involved mean sometimes there's not a lot that suit you.  and that's just how it goes, sorry.

I hope this answers your questions


Re: Newbie questions - Firmware and others...
by spaceatl on 2011-11-08 08:46:50.3660

1. It might not have the latest firmware...I have the HD Bean which is similar and you can see the version in the setup menu on page 1 in the top right side...

2.Use one of the setlists for patch defaults...recall this then store it off to the location you want to change...Patch managment is a bit easier using the Edit software...

3. Use the edit program to back up the patches you like, the whole bundle or a set list...Yes, once you overwrite a factory preset it is gone...Reflashing is a way to get them back...All of them...


Re: Newbie questions - Firmware and others...
by pugdealer on 2011-11-08 09:01:33.8860

Thank you so much for the fast and clear reply!!!

Re: Newbie questions - Firmware and others...
by pugdealer on 2011-11-08 09:02:18.8800

Could you try to explain #2 in other words?! Thanks

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