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dt 25 head!!
by MGblade on 2011-11-10 13:32:15.5870

got my dt25 head from the store today, got a chance today to play it at nice volume,and it blew me away!!

i tried the amp on its own first, the four modes are great realy feels like 4 different amps, really love topology 4 in class A.

than i hooked my hd500 up with the l6 link, i have a marshall 50/50 dual mono block tube power amp wich sounded great, but now with the dt's feedback loop topology's my presets realy came alive, band rehearsal tomorow night, cant wait to crank it up.

by the way the low volume mode also sounds very good.

so basicly it`s all good!!

thats all folks just wanna share my experience.

grst marcel

Re: dt 25 head!!
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-11-10 13:44:28.8300

That was my experience and impression too.   Glad you like it


Re: dt 25 head!!
by MGblade on 2011-11-12 00:12:36.0880

rehearsal last knight, and man, what a yoy to play this amp, miles ahead from my old settup,my fender blckfs prsets now sound like they supposed to sound.

Re: dt 25 head!!
by mqueluz on 2011-11-13 14:55:32.4400

MGblade I also have a DT25 head and it really blew me away!!

Now I am considering buying a POD HD500 but I'm affraid that it's not going to sound as great as the DT25 alone. What are your impressions on this matter?

Re: dt 25 head!!
by MGblade on 2011-11-14 00:48:35.0830

hi mqueluz

as far as i can hear there is no difference, it sounds awesome,

just another dimension of flexability is added,

one of my favourite patches now is a fender bassman pre running in feedback topology 3 in class A, awesome sound.

here is a previous thread discussing the matter of difference between the dt`s pre amps and the hd500

again with my humble i can`t hear any difference sounds very good.

grts Marcel

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