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No distortion with POD Farm 2.51
by Daniel0 on 2011-11-11 09:35:53.8400


I have a POD Studio GX since two days. First time I tried the POD farm 1.12 version the distortion was working, but when I installed the 2.51, it doesn't.

The guitar sound is like "clean" but with a really low volume.

I tried reinstalling POD Farm and deautorizing with license manager, then, it was working for 5 minutes but when I change the predetermined sound, the distortion stops working again.

Don't know what to do..

Thanks in advance

RE: No distortion with POD Farm 2.51
by Line6Don on 2011-11-14 17:31:06.3310

Hey Daniel0,

Please make sure to apply all available driver updates for your computer's hardware as well as Windows updates, especially anything related to C++.

-Open the Start Menu and select Windows Update.

-Click on "Get Updates for other Microsoft Products"

-The Windows Update screen should now appear as below. Click Check For Updates to scan for available updates.

-Click X Important Updates are available to see which updates are available.

-Ensure any updates referring to Microsoft Visual C++ are selected by checking their checkboxes. Then click Ok to return to the main update screen.

-Click Install Updates and follow all instructions (including restarts) provided by Windows to complete the update.

-Re-open Windows Update and repeat steps 6-8 until all updates for any Visual C++ packages installed on the system have been applied. Some of the updates must be applied sequentially, hence the necessity for repetition.

You may reference screen shots and written instructions for this process at the link below as well:

After you have applied all available updates please follow the instructions below to reinstall POD Farm:

-Completely uninstall both POD Farm 1 and POD Farm 2 using the Line 6 Uninstaller within:

C:\Program Files(86x)\Line6\Tools

Make sure that you have the most recent version of the Line 6 drivers and Monkey installed as well:

Windows Drivers

Line 6 Monkey 1.43:

Download and install POD Farm 2.51 from the link below:

Install it but do not launch it yet.

After successfully installing Line 6 Monkey and the drivers please try removing any additional unnecessary USB and firmware devices from your computer when troubleshooting this issue. Make sure to connect it directly to a USB port and not a USB hub, extension, or keyboard of any kind, preferably connect it to a USB port on the rear of computer. Try using additional USB cables and every USB port available.

Launch Line 6 Monkey and apply any updates that are available.

Then you will need to close all open applications then use the License Manager software to de-authorize and re-authorize your device. Make sure to remove the information when prompted to, and then install again when prompted to, this will ensure that you reinstall all of your available Line 6 assets from your account into your device.

To ensure your Windows Vista or 7 computer is optimized to work with audio processing, please follow the link below for a official Microsoft optimization guide:

Re: No distortion with POD Farm 2.51
by JayTylerSKL on 2012-03-05 19:11:35.8230

Hi here is the solution although it is not a real solution.

Here what I do to get distortion and not dry clearn.

Plug out USB > open pod farm 2.51

It will say no license for pod farm.

Click on License manager button to launch license manager. (do not close pod farm)

(may be wait for licensing PC)

plug in USB

scan devices and wait for licensing.

close pod farm.

re launch. you got the distortion!

But selecting different tones will unconsistantly make distortion disappear again.

Anyway that's the temporary solution if you are only jamming with one tone.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.