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Is my POD HD500 Expression pedal about to break?
by Durwin99 on 2011-11-11 10:44:42.0260

I've only just started to use my HD500 properly, ie into my Marshall amp, after learning about the 4 Cable Method today! Previously I was just using headphones and even then I've hardly used the device from new... I'm not an advanced player at all and I haven't needed to mess around with the expression pedal, but I was using a guide to configuring the kit for 4CM which included a Wah pedal FX and a Volume pedal FX in the signal chain. I had no sound coming through the amp at all and it took me ages to realise it was because the Volume pedal was set to 0%! So I tried to use the expression pedal to switch over to Exp 2; what happened was there a fairly loud click/crack sound and the Vol/Pan FX became controllable by the pedal. (Strangely the Exp 2 light didn't turn on, it stayed on Red. When I tried it later after powering off, it did switch between the EXP 1/EXP 2 lights so I'll put that down to a random bug).

I'm fairly sure the ?Toe Switch? on the expression pedal didn't make a noise before, you just felt a dull contact being made, but like I said, I hardly ever tried it before. What it sounds like is something, either the pedal or the board cover, flexing beyond what it should and making a sudden hard noise as it springs out of shape. Its not always doing it and it happens more when my foot is more on the right side of the pedal. It also seems that the switch doesn't make contact when this happens, as if the pedal is mis-aligning with the switch?

Has anyone heard of this? I took a look back through pages of forum posts and haven't seen anything similar.

I phoned Line6 UK just after 4pm and would you believe, they close at 4pm on a Friday (nice for some...)

I also looked at when I registered the HD500 - you guessed it, the warranty (I'm assuming 1 year) ran out last week!!!

If I buy a second pedal, does that mean I won't need to ever touch the toe switch part again?



Re: Is my POD HD500 Expression pedal about to break?
by TheRealZap on 2011-11-11 10:48:34.0060

never heard of this one... but i wouldn't worry much as it still functions...

could have just been a bit of something stuck in the pedal mechanism...

a second pedal would take care of you as well...

you still might need the on-board though for engaging/disengaging the wah...

i don't think the second EXP2 can be the wah since there is no switch...

but i honestly hadn't bothered trying that in ages so i could be off the mark.

Re: Is my POD HD500 Expression pedal about to break?
by ozbadman on 2011-11-11 10:51:03.8180

Since it's out of warranty anyway, you might want to pull it apart and have a look. It's pretty easy to dismantle and reassemble. On the bottom, from what I recall you leave the screws in the middle attached and undo all the ones running around the outside.

Re: Is my POD HD500 Expression pedal about to break?
by jimsreynolds on 2011-11-11 13:48:06.3910

When I first got it, the pedal made quite an alarmingly crunchy click-type noise when I stepped on it.  A noise maybe a bit like stepping on a piece of plasterboard or compacting icy snow if you can imagine that.   This has diminished with use but the pedal still feels a little rough.  I figured it was just the way the HD was.  .  If your's has not really been used then yes, it may be a bit noisy. On the other hand it may be faulty too

I can barely click it with my hand and only when I bear down on it.  It seems to function a bit fine but does need a good hard press to get it actuated.

Re: Is my POD HD500 Expression pedal about to break?
by Line6Tony on 2011-11-14 16:32:00.5610

Sorry to see your HD give you the feeling it's breaking. We haven't heard of that in our US office, so our guess is that it's just that unit with the problem. Until it's looked at by a service center, the root cause and remedy will not be known. I would call Line 6 UK again if you cannot locate one on our website at

Re: Is my POD HD500 Expression pedal about to break?
by CaptainU on 2012-10-24 02:41:42.4500

Hi guys,

This is a copy of something I posted in a seperate thread here:

I had exactly the same issue. Really disconcerting crunch and clank sound when pushing the pedal switch.

*Disclaimer* Dismantling the unit and any resulting issues is/are YOUR responsibility.

I dismantled the pedal (just remove the main pivot bolt and be careful to catch the washers/nuts) and saw it had been assembled wrongly. One of the washers was in the wrong place - inside the pedal instead of outside next to the nut.

If yours is the same you might want to check this. Also make sure the nylon bushings which go through the pivot hole are seated correctly and then make sure the washers are outside of the pedal block (between it and the nut/bolt at either end).

I also have my pedal fairly tight so it only moves with gentle foot pressure. No problems since and it's lovely & smooth.

Hope this helps.

**Note to anyone unfamiliar with the workings of these pedals: Don't get anything (dust, parts, grease etc) in the circuit board holes and DON'T touch the sensors! Put everything back as soon as you're done and don't get too curious. **

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