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Multiple FBV Express Mkii units on same computer?
by Mister36 on 2011-11-11 14:47:35.4330

As the title says, is it possible to use more than one FBV controller (via USB) on the same computer? I know there are four ports available but is there any way to make one controller send messages to only one port, allowing another to send to another?

Re: Multiple FBV Express Mkii units on same computer?
by fflbrgst on 2011-11-14 06:22:45.0730

I think this would be a function of the computer and the software.  As all the FBVs will going into a common USB buss, the answer is most probably 'no' as each FBV would be sending the same signals and there would be no way for whatever software is being used to distinguish between 1 controller's signal and another's.

Re: Multiple FBV Express Mkii units on same computer?
by Mister36 on 2011-11-14 06:54:06.9520

Thanks for responding.

I had similar thoughts when I was thinking about it and when posting. However, I'm pretty sure there would be a way to distinguish the different units when attached to the same computer but it would likely require some software intervention on the driver level to separate the data stream into different MIDI ports.

Which makes me wonder why there are four FBV MIDI ports available in the first place... What's the point?

I think these USB-MIDI capable controllers could be so much more and it seems a real shame that they haven't been developed more in this way.

Re: Multiple FBV Express Mkii units on same computer?
by fflbrgst on 2011-11-15 06:09:34.3710

Depending on your software, you MAY be able to do this.  This is from the advanced user guide:

MIDI Channels

Each USB MIDI Port carries 16 MIDI "channels." You can think of MIDI channels just like channels on your TV - your TV is capable of receiving many "channels", but you’ll only be able to see the program you want to watch if you tune your TV set to the specific channel. Same thing here in the world of MIDI. By default, your FBV MkII device will transmit its MIDI data to Channel 1 on the selected MIDI Port for each control. However, you can set any individual FBV control to transmit to any MIDI Channel (see the FBV Control application’s Control Properties List section on page 3•1). You may find that your software offers options to receive only on a specific MIDI channel from the selected MIDI port, so you will want to be sure to configure any such MIDI Channel options to match those to which your FBV controls are transmitting. POD Farm 2 will receive MIDI on all 16 channels (however, when using POD Farm 2 Plug-In, you might need to set your DAW or MIDI track to receive from the channel to which your FBV is transmitting).

Re: Multiple FBV Express Mkii units on same computer?
by Mister36 on 2011-11-15 06:43:35.8030

This is a very good point and one that should have been obvious to me. I suppose it would have been one of things that would have come to me if I'd actually been trying to get two (or more) FBV devices to work on the same computer. But yes, you're right, as long as you set up each of the devices to be sending on different channels, the ports don't matter so much if the software can distinguish between MIDI channels (which most, if not all, can). So in theory it should work. However, one thing that might trip it up would be if the Line 6 software editor can't distinguish between more than one device and so would update both devices that were connected simultaneously. Though I suppose to get around that, you would only ever open the editor while one device at a time was connected, set and assign the MIDI messages to that device, then switch to the next device and set that, then close the editor and voila!

Really wish Line 6 would develop the USB-MIDI side of these things though. They could be so good and so amazing as MIDI foot controllers and would (I think) be very popular in that area as well as the area they were initially designed for. Win-win for Line 6.

Re: Multiple FBV Express Mkii units on same computer?
by Mister36 on 2011-11-19 04:42:18.0110

Just noticed that you can set either just one or all of the four Line 6 MIDI input ports per footswitch/controller in the software, so using multiple controllers is much more doable.

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