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Wireless powered speaker question - two different mixers
by chadvholtkamp on 2011-11-16 19:45:48.2270

I'm looking to use the Line 6 systems for two different powered speakers with two different mixers. I'll only use one mixer and one brand of speaker at a gig but wanted to get answers for everything at once.

I have the XD-V70 with the handheld transmitter and the Relay G50 with the TBP12 transmitter. Speakers are four RCF 312a and three Mackie SRM450. Mixers are either the Mackie Onyx 1220 or the Rane MP26. The RCFs have an input sensitivity switch for 0dB (line) or -40dB (mic) and the Mackies just have a level knob with different settings for "Line" or "Mic."

Here are my questions:

1. Can I use the TBP12 transmitter from the Relay G50 to transmit the same signal to the same channel on both the G50 and XD-V70 receivers? I want to have two remote speakers playing the same music so I wanted to see if I could get by with one transmitter. If not, I'll just buy an extra TBP12 for the XD-V70 and put the receivers on separate channels.

2. I have the XLR main outs on the Onyx 1220 going to my main speakers. Again, I want the same music going to my remote wireless speakers. This mixer also has 1/4" TRS main outs that provide a balanced or unbalanced line-level signal. Could I take a 1/4" mono to TA4F cable ( into the TBP12 without needing to attenuate the signal with a pad? The line-level signal from the 1/4" main outs on the board are already 6dB less than the signal from the XLR outs.

If I do need a pad, would it work to run a 1/4" mono cable into the 1/4" input on this and then run a XLR-F to TA4F out of that into the TBP12?

Then do I set the speakers for Mic or Line when using the XD-V70 receiver? How about for the Relay G50 receiver? I'd have a 1/4" to XLR cable running from the receivers (1/4") to the speakers (XLR).

3. Using 1/4" booth or zone out from Rane MP26. Same question as before since these are stereo balanced 1/4" TRS outputs that mono the output on either the Left or Right jacks if only one is used. These would also be running the same signal as the main XLR outs but the booth and zone outputs have their own level knob.

Any help is much appreciated and I hope this wasn't too confusing

Re: Wireless powered speaker question - two different mixers
by dboomer on 2011-11-16 20:53:57.5240

Hopefully my answer won't be too confusing ... either

One transmitter will power as many receivers as you like.  You can even mix or match Relay and XD-V (as long as you can match the channels.

Generally I would recommend that you set the input on powered speakers for "mic" level (but most speakers have a really "low" drive sensitivity on line ... so it may work.  Try mic first.

Line 6 beltpacks can handle 6v p-p on the inputs.  That's about +8 dBu.  I imagine line level at a mixer could be 15 dB hotter or more so a pad will be in order from any mixer's line out ... 15-20 dB should be fine in most cases.

Make certain NOT to use a TRS to XLR cable.  It must be an unbalanced 1/4 plug.

Re: Wireless powered speaker question - two different mixers
by chadvholtkamp on 2011-11-17 05:29:04.0920

Great - thanks! Makes sense as to why it worked great with my SRM450s but not so well on the RCFs. They have the switch set to line and there wasn't as much volume as I expected. I'll switch them to mic and see how it works. I'll also get one of those direct boxes and the XLR-F to TA4F cables from the mixer to transmitter.

As for not using the TRS - XLR cable from the receiver to the speaker, I'll make sure it's a TS - XLR. I can't remember offhand which kind I have.

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