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DT25 1x12 Combo - Amp Cover
by snooze12 on 2011-11-18 08:30:48.3110

Is there any known amp cover that could fit a DT25 1x12 combo? I guess I could find one with the dimension but I wonder if someone has already done it.

Re: RE: DT25 1x12 Combo - Amp Cover
by darealagentp on 2011-11-21 11:25:00.2400

The company I've referred DT25 users to is:


There may be other users who've found better options, but I've been satisfied with their workmanship in the past, so I confidently recommend Tuki to friends and other musicians.

Re: RE: DT25 1x12 Combo - Amp Cover
by snooze12 on 2011-11-22 10:19:22.4300

Thank you, I will keep an eye open there but unfortunatly, there is no specific DT25 cover. I will contact them to ask if they plan to make one. Anybody have found one that is available? Or that one made for another amp but who fit the DT25?

Re: DT25 1x12 Combo - Amp Cover
by thecattch on 2012-11-14 05:27:43.3860

Hi all

I dont get it!  Line 6 go on about how your amp shouldnt be naked, and here they are selling their flagship amps with no covers.  Sorry, I'll rephrase that, they do do one I believe for the DT Amp Head.

I think Line 6 have dropped off here, and forgot to schedule manufacture of covers.  I have an old Vetta II and that has a Line 6 black canvas cloth cover.  Personally, I think they are the best type of cover, has their logo on it, thereby ensuring a bit of brand exposure even when its covered.

I hope Line 6 come to their senses and produce a DT25112 combo cover and a ever so slighly larger DT25 112 ext cab.  I hope I can ge these before the equipment starts to look a bit road weary.  Come on Line 6 Get your finger out!

Richard Biggle


Re: DT25 1x12 Combo - Amp Cover
by bmoyer on 2012-11-14 11:00:17.3520

When I bought mine, the store had a Spider amp cover that fit really very well.  Right height and depth and just an inch or two wider than perfect but it worked for me.  It was nice to have the Line6 logo I guess.  Well made, but a tuki would be more substantial with foam lining.

Re: DT25 1x12 Combo - Amp Cover
by ponyboi on 2012-12-02 23:15:24.4350

I got mine from D2F covers.

They sell on eBay or direct from their website.

They will even custom size for any amps they don't have listed.

Nice and rugged cover, been using mine for 9 months gigging and it is holding up great!

Re: DT25 1x12 Combo - Amp Cover
by geppert on 2012-12-03 10:34:08.8560

I like D2F covers as well and the owner Tom Palmer is very good with communication. I got my SIV and SV212 done with D2F and then tried BS Covers for my DT25 .... Although BS Covers were cheaper, I wish I had stayed with D2F.

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