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Toggle Lights in FS 5-8 mode controlling external MIDI Gear
by shawngs on 2011-11-18 14:14:45.3310

Hey guys, I have a Pod HD Pro and am using the FBV Shortboard MKII to control it. Because of very limited floor space on the stage I've got it set so that foot switches 5-8 control an M13 that I have to keep in the rack. I've tried everything I know but can't get the lights on the A, B, C, and D switches to toggle on and off so that I can see when the effects are activated/deactivated on the FBV Shortboard. Any suggestions?

How it is set currently:

1. Pod HD Rack - Set the footswitches to "toggle" mode:

     A. Hold down the "MOVE" button

     B. Move to FS5, FS6, FS7, and FS8

     C. Midi CH:02

     D. Message: CC Toggle

     E. CC #:011, 014, 017, and 020 - to corrospond with turning on/off effect "A" in banks 1-4 on the M13

     F. Value: 000

2. M13

     A. Hold down the "Looper Controls Footswitch" to enter "Setup" mode

     B. Set MIDI Channel to "2"

     C. Exit out of "Setup" mode

3. FBV Shortboard MKII

     A. Diconnect from POD HD Pro and Connect to computer using USB

     B. Open FBV Control Software

     C. Set Footswitches A, B, C, and D to:

          i.   Midi CC

          ii.  Values "011", "014", "017", and "020" respectively

          iii. Midi Channel "2"

          iv. Swithch Mode "Toggle"

Using this setup the FBV will toggle the effects on the M13 but I dont have any visual feedback on the FBV that lets me know if the corrosponding effect is on or off. The rack stays pretty far away so it's not really possible to just glance back and look....

RE: Toggle Lights in FS 5-8 mode controlling external MIDI Gear
by Line6Don on 2011-11-22 10:24:07.6950

Hey shawngs,

The FBV Shortboard MKII does not have a way VIA USB of receiving a MIDI CC back from the M13 to change it's footswitch lights to indicate what is on and what is off.

In this setup, the FBV is only sending MIDI information, not receiving it, therefor has no way of acknowledging if the FX unit on the M13 is on or off.

RE: Toggle Lights in FS 5-8 mode controlling external MIDI Gear
by Line6Don on 2011-11-29 10:32:40.5490

Hey shawngs,

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