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JTV 69 Model output levels?
by Granttye on 2011-11-18 14:18:18.6240

My JTV 69's output for the models is much higher than the magnetic pickups...much higher than the mags on any of my guitars. This makes for too much adjustment when trying to switch instruments live.  Also,  I'm hearing a little distortion in the models...I'm hoping lowering the levels may solve these problems. Can this be done with the Workbench? 

I'm also noticing noise when using the trem with models (cleaner quiet tones)...knocking and rubbing sounds, wouldn't cut it if I was trying to use this for a session. Any one experiencing these issues? 

Re: JTV 69 Model output levels?
by daferalo on 2011-11-19 07:17:59.6790

Hello Granttye,

I have a jtv 59, but I guess it should work quite the same for your jtv 69 and you might want to take it into account.

1) If you have a volume difference between magnetic pickups and guitar models on your jtv 69, it is due to the magnetic pickups height, if they are too far from the strings then the output volume level of them would be low. Anyway, remember that output volume level of the "real" guitars that are being modeled is not the same if you want to make comparison among them.

2) You can adjust the output volume level of the guitar model through workbench editor, there is a "volume" option you can set to your taste there.

Best Regards,


Re: JTV 69 Model output levels?
by Granttye on 2011-11-19 07:55:27.7020

Thanks Daf,

I had my tech set up the guitar, as it needed a bit of work to be playable and the trem was really screwed up...needed to be routed better in the body cavity and alter the wiring harness to not hang up and stay in tune....but that is another issue.

Anyway, he set pickup height so it was good and matched my other guitars. The models across the board are much hotter output, even the single coil models, Tele, Strat, etc. And much hotter than my other guitars, causing problems with gain levels on my rigs.

I read on a forum here about something in the workbench called "string volume" anyone messed with that?  It suppossedly changes the level on all models....maybe changing output of the piezo... 


Re: JTV 69 Model output levels?
by daferalo on 2011-11-19 08:12:06.3300

Yeap, the "volume" option on workbech editor software adjusts the overall output volume level of the guitar model being selected (it is a trim level), but it does not affect all models, just the one you are adjusting. You have also options for adjusting the output level of modeled pickups, they act as the pickup height would act. Also, you have an option at "Editor" menu which calls "string volume setup", which could work for a general adjustment of the output volume level for all the guitar models

Re: JTV 69 Model output levels?
by Granttye on 2011-11-19 08:18:01.9540

Thanks,  Below is the post I'm refering that the same thing you're taking about?


          • Sep 21, 2011 4:31 AM (in response to Sonny1096)Re: JTV69 Output levels

            I've had two 69s too -- both have/had the same thing, models way, way louder than mags. I had to hook volume pedal between guitar and M13 and reduce volume everytime I used models not to overdrive my signal chain. It was major hassle. On first one that had bad e-string problem so I had no time to hook it to Workbench, but on second one I found solution by reducing string volume which affects every model (you can find on menu bar somewhere). I had to reduce every string's relative volume to 0.5 (scale is 0 to 1 ) to match magnetic pickups. It works perfectly now! Hope this helps,Sampo

Re: JTV 69 Model output levels?
by daferalo on 2011-11-19 08:21:58.4730

Yeap Granttye, the "string volume level" is located at Editor menu, it works as a general adjustment of the output level for all guitar models. I tried today because I did not need to do so in the past. It works quite well, although I think it affects the sustain a little, I am not very sure about it but it is my perception.

Best Regards,


Re: JTV 69 Model output levels?
by Granttye on 2011-11-19 08:26:00.4600

Cool thanks!  I didn't want to get into messing with all the different individual models if I didn't have to....

Cheers ,


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