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Bad quality of sound, distortion during playback, really short sustain
by ryjcio on 2011-11-18 14:55:29.9740


I've got a problem with my Toneport UX1 that appears only on my PC. It seems to working very wrong. The quality of playback is really awful, it sounds like I'm playing a music by the old mobile phone. The sound is distorted and quiet. But it's not the worst, the worst thing it's that I cannot record by my instrumental input. It trims the signal after about 50-500ms, it depends on the strength of a strike the strings. I'm adding the link with the sample: [ ]. About 0:21 I was playing the chord. I helt it almost to the next chord, but the sound was cut off after a few miliseconds!

I''ve got an old ASRock motherboard (it's a cheaper version of ASUS), I've tried all tricks from FAQ about USB Audio Troubleshooting, except buying the PCI USB card and replacing the motherboard, because I've got no money to do that. I'm from Poland, there is no service for Line 6 products. Do you have any idea, what can I do to make it works properly? Is there any cheap, old motherboard, that will work properly? Can it be the problem with a power supply?

Strange thing, my Toneport has a serial number that stars with [21PS]. It seems to be a POD Studio serial, and I cannot register my Toneport as Toneport, it registered itself as POD Studio. Is that a normal thing?

Your faithfully.

Bartosz K.

RE: Bad quality of sound, distortion during playback, really short sustain
by Line6david on 2011-11-21 16:28:59.3300


This issue could be related to a number of things. First check your connections.

Have you tried connecting to different USB Ports?

Are you using a USB hub?

Make sure you have the latest drivers installed:

Then try the optimizations in our USB Troubleshooting Guide:

Are you connecting it to the input of your soundcard or directly to a set of powered speakers?

The unit is a POD Studio UX2 (i.e. it has licenses for both POD Farm and POD Farm 2)



Line 6 Customer Support

RE: Bad quality of sound, distortion during playback, really short sustain
by Line6Don on 2011-11-28 10:55:21.9000

Hey ryjcio,

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