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by amerry on 2011-11-19 07:34:10.1070

While playing, my "P" channel will default to "E" and the volume will lower, especially on the bass notes from the low e string.  I swithch to another channel and back to the one I want, begin to play, and P goes to E again.  I've read the manual and FAQ's here and cannot figure out what is going on.  Can you help?  Thanks.  Andrew.

by Line6Don on 2011-11-22 11:22:04.0670

Hey amerry,

The first thing to try would be a factory reset:

Press and hold the "User/Preset" and "Save/Store Sounds" buttons and keep holding them as you turn the amp on.

If that does not correct the problem, the next step is to contact a Line 6 Service Center in your area, and inquire about getting the amp serviced. Keep in mind, because of the age of this amp, replacement parts for this amp might not be available.

You can locate a Line 6 Service Center using the link below:

by Line6Don on 2011-11-29 10:52:30.5830

Hey amerry,

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