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The POD mounting bracket screws
by tobubuta on 2009-05-08 19:28:31.5200

The POD mounting bracket description mentions screwing the bracket to the POD. What size and length screws should be used, before I screw something through something that shouldn't be screwed through, if you get my meaning? Also, is there a carrying case for the POD 2.0?

Re: The POD mounting bracket screws
by ricksox on 2009-05-12 16:43:34.2120

Here are the measurements for using screws to attach the POD Mount.  These are sized for the next-length size appropriate screw and using the rubber feet as well for cushion bumpers.

The actual well depth in the metal POD shells across all models is .40" or 10.2mm.

If you wish not to use the bumpers, you should use either washers or nylon standoffs on the following mounting screws to make up the space difference.  A round-down size screw would be too much to use and the threads may not bite into the cast metal shell correctly.

NOTE: If POD is face down on its front, Front Length = Lower 2 holes and Rear Length = Upper 2 holes.

Model / Length
Screw Thread
Front Length
POD/POD 2.0 (older)6/32 machine1.0" or 25mm1.25" or 31.75 mm
PODxt/Bass PODxt6/32 machine.75" or 19mm1.0" or 25mm
POD 2.0 (newer FBV)6/32 machine1.0" or 25mm1.25" or 31.75mm

You can purchase a carrying case for your POD from our online store.


Re: The POD mounting bracket screws
by tobubuta on 2009-05-12 17:13:07.3460

Thanks for the screw info. As far as the store for the carrying cases, I've seen them but none say specifically for the POD 2.0. Any suggestions?

Re: The POD mounting bracket screws
by Line6Hugo on 2009-05-13 08:44:18.3780


The PODxt bag will also house the POD 2.0 bean as well:



Re: The POD mounting bracket screws
by EW57 on 2010-02-10 20:55:24.8310

Does the FAQ regarding mounting apply to the X3 bean as well? It doesnt appear that the four holes in question come tapped, is this true? Finally, could clarify/reword the following statement?  "A round-down size screw would be too much to use and the threads may not bite into the cast metal shell correctly. "  Thanks!

Re: The POD mounting bracket screws
by rchibnik on 2010-07-17 20:25:35.9980

I mounted my POD X3 on the bracket using #6-32 x 3/4" screws and found they fit all holes but were a little longer than necessary. I took up the extra space by putting a nut against the head of the screw. This worked out well. I think LIne6 should include the screws and instructions with the bracket - if not mounted with screws one would certainly lose the rubber inserts. I would have appreciated some spare rubber inserts as well.

I'm also considering velcro-ing a mouse pad to the bottom to reduce slipping on a table top, but most of the time I mount the bracket on a mic stand. Overall, this is an excellent accessory for the POD and I'm very happy with it.

Re: The POD mounting bracket screws
by dmw12767 on 2012-07-19 09:23:09.8150

First of all, I really want to emphasize that the POD X3 is kick-azz overall. It rocks very hard and has many great amp and tone models to choose from right "out of the box" plus, you have the added option to tweak it from "dusk till dawn" to make almost any guitar sound you can think of. I really do appreciate all of the hard work and ingenuity that must gone into its conception and manufacture. Thanks Line 6 engineers, pro players and techs.  I love it overall !

However, having said that, I also have had ongoing issues and overall trouble with the feet falling out of or becoming unplugged from the base of the universal POD stand.

This happens everytime I attempt to relocate the X3 bean to a new location, i.e. microphone stand, to, desk, to top of my Marshall VS102R Guitar amp where I tuck the stand's base under the carrying handle for easy access and accessibility while alloing the X3 to remain off the floor so I have less complete bending over to do.

Anyway, bottom line is that Line 6 bean counters need to let actual giutar players decide on the needs of other guitarists who are actually paying for and playing thru their products. The POD line all need to INCLUDE, low cost but essential supposed "extras" as "REQUIRED" when the new product ships, such as screws or extra plug feet.

As much needed backups, the " accountants in the back room" need to understand that we, as playing guitarists have already work hard and pulled hard earned money out of our wallets for their products once already and so, if they are going to engineer products like the POD stand that can come apart easily and think the product all the way thru as in regards to what an actual guitar playing and paying customer will need with the product, both immediately AND down the road.

This is my opinion and hope some others agree as well. If so, click "Like" at the bottom of this post so the "powers that be" take this advice seriously?! Thanks

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