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Toneport UX-1 Problems w/ Line 6 Monkey
by jamiedonnellyuk on 2011-11-22 16:52:30.2960


I have my Toneport UX-1 plugged directly into my Macbook Pro (OS Lion) and it won't be recognised by the Line 6 Monkey, despite me being able to record with Pro Tools using the Toneport. Furthermore, since switching from my PC to my Mac, I wanted to transfer all of the expansion packs I've bought, and recently changed my username from HellForgotHer to JamieDonnellyUK, neither username will work with the password I have for everything, or the one I recently reset it to; ironically the same password I thought it was, so I can't redownload any of the patches or keep up to date...

Can somebody help before I throw the UX-1 out of my window and buy Avid's Eleven Rack.



Re: Toneport UX-1 Problems w/ Line 6 Monkey
by Triryche on 2011-11-22 17:41:54.9580

You should repost this as a question to get the attention of Line6 support.

In the meantime if you can get into your original account, everything will be there.

You will need to download newest drivers for your OS, this should get the Monkey to see your UX.

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