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Spider lll question about Noise Gate & Distortion
by bridgeg on 2011-11-23 22:36:58.1120

The manual says that to activate either the Distortion or Noise Gate you hold the Tap button down and turn the Reverb knob past 12 o'clock and the appropriate channel light will light indicating that they are active. My questions are: is the channel light supposed to stay on until deactivated? (they don't) do you just do the opposite to deactivate? As the lights don't stay on, I can't tell by looking at the amp if they're active or not.

Re: Spider lll question about Noise Gate & Distortion
by Jim_L on 2011-11-24 06:24:39.3710

You have it right, the light doesn't stay on. The best way to check if they are on is to put the amp on a distorted channel and turn it up a bit (with the guitar plugged in & turned up of course). You'll hear the difference. Once activated, they stay on. As you say, do the opposite to deactivate.

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