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Just something good to say
by SSstormtrooper on 2011-11-25 03:10:26.5500

I just wanted to take a second and relay a good story about my SpiderValve HD 100 mkii.All I seem to hear is problems and whining and crying all the time and yes even I freaked out in the forums here once about my amp and then deleted it a few days later but here's some good.

I like a lot of old classic rock tunes where the song has a great warm tube breaking up sound.I might dial in a bit heavier distortion for them(versus the original) but two that come to mind are "When I was Young" by The Animals and "Heartful Of Soul" By The Yardbirds.The intro for When I was young I do a long distorted dive bomb on the wammy bar plucking the Low E string and it sounds absolutely killer(Distortion for days and low end goodness and frequencies that would knock over an elephant).Then Heartful Of Soul,A full lush heavy distortion that makes hitting a basic Dminor chord on the first fret almost godly, and the intro like a fine rye whiskey with coke.

Then recently I moved it downstairs and was hacking around one day when my young daughter came down bored and I asked her to pluck on a cheapo bass for a minute through a small P.A.-I used a clean setting on the HD100 and just quickly played the main riffs of Pink Floyds' "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun" and recorded it with the 14 second looper.Then I switched to the Arachnaphobia setting and solo'd along with it and it sounded phenomenal.(An old cheap hacker strat copy with mystery DiMarzio double coil humbuckers in it).

I haven't jammed with it yet or had it in a full band situation but I always play it at ear splitting volumes and it sounds excellent.I had the popping issue once for a few seconds when switching channels but I twisted the channel vol knob off and on and it vanished.I haven't really noticed the lag but haven't played much where I'm switching fast between clean and distorted so maybe that could be a slight problem but when really loud it might not be that noticeable.

I do however fear the reliability issue somewhat after seeing some probs on the forums and such and wonder if it will be a doorstop in a few years(I sure as hell hope not) but my failsafe live rig is the HD100 mkii sitting atop a 2x12 100 watt MesaBoogie.If the HD100 blows up I just undo the speaker cable and plug it back into the Mesa.If the Mesas' tubes blow,then I switch it to Silicon Diode mode.If That blows up then I pull out a BOSS GT-10 and go into a P.A. or something lol.If that and everything else fails then WWIII must have started.

I just wanted to state something good for a change and wanted to see if anyone else has anything good to say about their SpiderValve Mk 1 or Mk 2. ......or complaints lol.

Re: Just something good to say
by spaceatl on 2011-11-25 08:13:49.3310

I am sure I will be painted as fanboy, but I don't really care...My MK1 and MK2 work just fine for me...I love them both...When the MK1 came out I was blown away by the raw tone...

I do like the raw tone of my MK1 over the MK2...My MK1 has an SVPre which just makes it a bit unique...First production hybrid ever made...MK1 is also POD 2.0 and the amp models were tweaked by RB...It's different to me...

I think the power amps will last in both...I have been over the power amplifiers in these things and I think it is a very good design...The MK2 power amp is practically identical...The made some subtle improvements, but just form factor...The only thing I think will wear out in these amps is the DSP boards...I do think my MK1 will likely outlast the MK2 DSP board...power amps should last a very long time...just might need to change out caps every 20 years or so... Then I might just turn them into POD monitors...They work great for that...

Re: Just something good to say
by cgtrox on 2011-11-26 21:02:45.3600

Paint me red, too! My MK1 has been very reliable since the day I got it. Now, if you really think about it, the percentage of people complaining vs. the actual percentage of products out there doing it to it? Gotta be like 2%!!


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