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Have the same volume on different presets
by Harald12 on 2011-11-25 22:54:03.3960

I wonder if it is some easy way i can have the same volume on different presets, so when i change preset i don´t have to bend down and adjust the volume or master knob? I have the PODHD500.

Re: Have the same volume on different presets
by jimsreynolds on 2011-11-26 00:25:15.8820

Yes ... but there is no automatic way to do this..  You have to set them yourself, by ear.

The trick is to use the Volume knob  to set each preset to the level that you want it then press the 'save' button twice to store that level.  With all levels balanced you then just use the master to set the overall level of the HD.    Try not to set any volume to more than about 80 % cause that then gives you more room to adjust/balance later if you use the HD in a louder situation or with a different amp.

If you have trouble matching the levels across all presents then the trick is to choose the quietest preset, boost the level as high as you sensibly can on that.  Then set the levels on alll other presets to match it.

Another way to get more volume on a quiet preset is to use the mixer but be aware that this may affect the tonality of some effects to it is better to use the volume knob first.

Re: Have the same volume on different presets
by Harald12 on 2011-11-26 00:32:27.3010

Thanks for the answer, then i adjust the presets by ear.

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