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Line6 backtrack+mic
by mistyfinn on 2011-11-26 20:47:11.8220

Hello, this is a great device only my problem with it is that it won't pick up my mandolin unless I thump the instrument which really defeats the purpose, it works perfectly when I switch it on to the red light mode but this isn't great for looping etc, I have a Fishman pick up on the mandolin which should be good enough, I've tried all the parameters in the set up (I think),..... any tips


Re: Line6 backtrack+mic
by gjkozy on 2012-12-18 22:40:06.7510

I have a fishman sound hole pickup on my guitar, I found that the signal level is too low for the backtrack to activate recording. When using my Ibanez which has a preamp, the backtrack works fine, I am ordering a LR Baggs Gigpro Universal Preamp for Acoustic Guitar which should solve my low signal level.

The fishman has a very low signal level, (even though it uses a button battery) when I play through my amp, I have to turn the gain all the way up in order to obtain sufficent volume levels, but with my guitars that have preamps built in, I don't have this problem and my gain doesn't have to be turned all the way up for these guitars.

Maybe in the future Line 6 could modify the Backtrack to work off of lower signal levels, the Backtrack is a great concept for guitar player and is a indespensable tool once added to your collection.

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