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JTV-69, Workbench, (No device detected)?
by gdmalner on 2011-11-26 22:55:25.1540

I was able to update the firmware with Line 6 monkey, but now I'm trying to use Workbench and it telling me no device detected on the USB interface. I have a fully charged battery with the guitar connected and the power to the batter is on. I rebooted the computer 3 times, I have checked the cable a number of times and still no success. I press the selector know untill it blinks and it still does not detect the guitar?

Also I want to regrester and can't find the serial number?

Thank you,


Re: JTV-69, Workbench, (No device detected)?
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-11-27 03:01:41.2200


Turn the guitar ON by plugging in a 1/4" cable.  The USB interface doesn't supply power to the guitar, so you need to use the battery to do that.  The battery may indicate it is fully charged when you connect it, but it does not do anything until there is a 1/4" jack plug in the output socket.

The serial No should be printed on the back of the guitar's head-stock as a ten digit code and will start W10 or W11


Re: JTV-69, Workbench, (No device detected)?
by gdmalner on 2011-11-27 16:54:05.3700

Yes  I did that. For some reason it's working now, maybe it needed another reboot. Today It was saying Variax 500/700, but now it's seeing it as a Taylor Variax after I did a Sync for a new tuning.

I found the serial number, I was looking for an engraved serial number. I was able to register it.

Happy days!!

Thank you Nick. Merry Christmas


Re: JTV-69, Workbench, (No device detected)?
by Line6david on 2011-11-30 16:58:53.9810


Glad to see that the issues have been resolved let us know if you need anything else.



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