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Spider II 15 pedal and spare plug?
by Tom-D on 2011-11-28 03:09:53.9440

Hi all, I know posting about an 8 year-old amp is kind of weird, but the thing is I'd really like to be able to change sound while playing without having to stoop down.. I've lurked in all kinds of places but haven't found answers to these two questions :

- Would an fbv4 work on my Spider II 15 amp work? If so how does it plug into it?

- What is the spare wire at the back? I'm no expert what so ever in electronics so here's a description : it's about 1cm long, about 3mm high, female, 5 branches. What is it, and most of all what does this cable do? Could it in anyway be used to plug a pedal in? Or something else?

Thanks for your answer!!

Re: Spider II 15 pedal and spare plug?
by Line6Tony on 2011-11-30 17:29:19.5450

The FBV4 will work with the Spider II. It uses a standard Cat5 cable for connection. Here is our Pedal Compatibility FAQ:

Unfortunately, we don't have a Spider II around anymore to know what that wire is. It's not for use with a pedal.

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