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XDS95 issue or just annoyance?
by jimosity on 2011-11-30 06:20:14.3680

Here's my situation.

I set my channel on the receiver and on the transmitter and all works fine during sound check.

I turn off the transmitter to save battery life until show time...but the receiver never loses power.

Come show time, I turn on my transmitter and I get no signal.

It appears to be on the same channel that I left it on, so I hit channel and run thru all of the channels until I get back to the channel it was on.

Still no signal.

I then have to go to the receiver and do the same thing.

Then it finally starts to pass signal.

What's going on here and is there a way to force it to always stay on a channel until I manually change it regardless of losing power or not?

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