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Are any of the M9 Chorus' TRUE Stereo Chorus???
by doomsayer666 on 2011-11-30 10:42:50.2200

I have been trying to get a ture stereo chorus out of the M9 into 2 amps and both the left and right channels sound exactly the same!

When I use an MXR Stereo Chorus / Boss Chorus you can HEAR a difference in the 2 signals.

All 3 Chorus' contained in the M9 are modelled on Stereo Chorus effects (Boss CE-1, DyTronics Tri-Stereo Chorus and Roland Dimension D) but I feel like they are not very true representations of these since they really don't have stereo happening.

I am VERY pleased with the modals for Stereo Delays and the Flying Pan (which sounds better than the original IMO), but can Line 6 please upgrade these Chorus'?!

If anyone has any insights or suggestions, please reply. I really dont want to have to add any more stompboxes back into my pedal board. I bought the M9 to try and trim down the number of boxes.

Re: Are any of the M9 Chorus' TRUE Stereo Chorus???
by goldglob on 2011-11-30 12:27:19.6310


I'm sure the 3 chorus' output a stereo field. I wonder whether you have an active mono effect after (downstream of) the chorus, as that will sum the chorus stereo to mono.

Just to elaborate (this is what I hear):

ANALOG CHORUS: The chorus effect is mainly L, R is pretty well dry.

TRI-CHORUS: Depth 1 affects mainly L, Depth 2 affects R+L, and Depth 3 affects mainly R.

DIMENSION: The L and R wave forms are 180 degrees out of phase. Also, there is some weird and wonderful subtle cross feedback going on.

By the way, and sorry to be pedantic, but just to keep the terminology standard, TRUE stereo means that the effect retains the stereo field of an upsteam, the M9 stereo delay is true stereo; put the Flying Pan before it and you will still hear the pan as well as stereo delays. In this sense, the M9 chorus' are not true stereo, because they sum their L and R inputs for processing. (Put stereo delay before chorus, turn chorus mix to 100%, you'll lose your stereo delay). But of course, what you were asking was ' do they output in stereo?'.

Re: Are any of the M9 Chorus' TRUE Stereo Chorus???
by Line6Don on 2011-12-06 08:30:02.7050

Hey doomsayer666,

goldglob's answer above is correct. Thank you for taking the time to describe the chorus parameters and how they work when used in stereo. If you would like to see a different behavior from the M9 choruses, please submit your feedback directly our developers using the form at the link below:

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