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Download Fail Format Error
by julianharris on 2011-12-01 03:18:34.5470

I am trying to upgrade the firmware on my M13. I have downloaded the sysx file, hooked up the midi cables, etc. The M13 displays "wait for command." When I play the sequence it loads for a while but then stops and displays "Download Fail  Format Error." At this point it is stuck on that display and the unit will not function. What do I do?


Re: Download Fail Format Error
by julianharris on 2011-12-01 04:09:50.1600

I just used the recommeded SysEx Librarian program and the update worked like a charm. I wish I hadn't waisted so much time messing around with Digital Performer outputing the SysEx info. Line6 shouldn't even list using a sequencer program like that as an option.

Re: Download Fail Format Error
by ckirkwood9 on 2013-03-28 10:14:18.1310

follow the instructions VERY closely.">">

the FIRST time i tried... i was so excited to get going that missed these 2 steps

4. Go to View, then Port Routing; delete the connection between Input Ports and Output ports if they are connected; make sure only MIDI Ox Event Port connects to Output Ports.

5. Go to View, then Sysex; in Sysex View and Scratchpad, go to Sysex, then Configure, make sure to check Delay After F7 and set the Delay (Milliseconds Between Buffers) to 60ms; click OK to accept.

and received 'download failed'

SOO i closed midi-ox, turned off the m13, and started again with step 1, read EVERY step and didn't assume... and it worked for me flawlessly.

FOR me it was a case of RTFM.    Surely it will be for others too.

My environment:

Device: M13

USB-to-Midi: M-Audio Midisport Uno (">"> )

Computer: Lenovo thinkpad running windows 7 64-bit with all latest windows patches

Midi Program: Midi-ox with latest drivers

one step that was confusing to me in the line6 instructions was this:

2. Connect the M13 MIDI Out to your MIDI interface In, and connect the M13 MIDI In to your MIDI interface Out.

BUT just connect the midi cables AS THEY ARE LABLED...

m-autio "to midi in" as seen on the black midi jack  TO midi in on m13

m-autio "to midi out" as seen on the black midi jack TO midi out on m13

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.