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Cleanest amp head sim or JC-120 "like" head
by sean106ESP on 2011-12-02 09:48:58.9220

Hey guys. So I got my HD 500 nailed down with my live dirty tones going into my Mark V FX return as well as my dirty tones for recording. Thanks Meambobbo for all the coaching and patches.

When it comes to clean I prolly like many love the cleans of the JC-120. What in your onions is the cleanest amp sim (as well as cab/mic to go along with it?) I mean crystal clean LOL....i.e. not even a hint of break up. Right now my clean "live" tone (of course with no cab sim) is the Black Face Double nrm. It sounds OK but I dunno something just bugs me about it. It kinda has a hollow sound to it and sounds a little sterile. So just curious if you had a suggestion on what amp (or preamp) to use to get the cleanest possible tone.

I am trying to nail the Metallica Hetfield "live" clean tone he uses. Not what they use on the albums but his tone he has live for songs with clean parts. I really like the sparkle and chorus tone he gets in this clip:

From what I know through people who know the bands tech. He is combining his JC-120H Head blended with a modded clean channel of a Triaxis as well as G-Major, possibly a Phase 90 and a EH Bass Synthesizer. I know the bass synthesizer sounds weird, but I have a picture someone took of the top of his rig and it showed one and a phase 90 going along with the JC-120 when it is all hooked up. I am sure he also adds his G-Major chorus in there as well do deepen the chorus effect.

So I amtrying to model that tone playing live with a Mark V and Diezel well as making a ptach witha head and cab sim for direct recording.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Cleanest amp head sim or JC-120 "like" head
by gregr on 2011-12-02 10:01:27.5630

The Blackfacde Double Nrm is indeed the cleanest model.  I'd try putting the tube compressor (or other compressor model like the Vetta) either in front of it, or perhaps after it in order to fatten-up the sound.  Also, don't be afraid to bump the mids.

Re: Cleanest amp head sim or JC-120 "like" head
by silverhead on 2011-12-02 10:11:56.3390

I find the Hiway 100 can be really clean too. I like it with Master at 100% (the Amp parameter - not device Master), Bias at about 90%, Ch Vol at 100%, then increase the Drive to generate sufficient overall volume without adding dirt/grit. Play around with those four controls to get your preferred blend of clean and volume.

Re: Cleanest amp head sim or JC-120 "like" head
by sean106ESP on 2011-12-02 11:22:25.1080

Thanks guys. Gregr I am little hesitant to bump up the mids. Just because I tried doing that and it seemed a little more sterile. When I scooped the mids a little it helped some what. Yeah I will give a go at the tube compressor tonight and see how goes. (Any recommended settings for the tube comp? Sorry just a noob with compressors. I never reeally used them before other then ages ago with the comp/sustainer pedal going analogue)

Thx Silverhead I will try the Hiwatt tonight as well. I do that same trick (well dunno if ya wanna call it a trick LOL) with setting the amp channel volume at 100 and then using the gain to increase the overall volume.

Thanks again.

Re: Cleanest amp head sim or JC-120 "like" head
by gregr on 2011-12-02 12:52:56.2600

The Blackface Double is very dynamic and still stings a bit even in the normal channel, which is why I recommended bumping the mids (or at least dropping the treble and presence relative to the mids) and using a compressor.

The Hiwatt sounds like a great idea.  I personally like the J-45, but it's not super-clean.  Also, I typically only use preamp models, so my exploration doesn't really go all that deep.  Of the preamp-only models, the Dr. Z can be quite clean yet full.  Anyway, silverhead's advice should work well with most models.  Upping the bias reduces the amount of cross-over distortion, lessening the amount of odd-order harmonics relative to the even ones.  This makes the sound thicker/fatter/warmer/darker.

The settings on the compressor models vary, but you basically want to start out with either a high threshold or low sensitivity and then work from there, adjusting the levels to maintain a consistent volume.  I chose the tube or Vetta because they are both very clean-sounding.  Each has a fixed compression ratio, neither of which is terribly aggressive, so you're basically adjusting the point at which the compression begins.  The blue comp gives additional control, but I find it to be a bit too much even with the most conservative settings.  The same holds with the others, thought the Boost Comp is a bit of an oddball.  The cool thing about placing the compressor after the amp model is that the volume control can now be used to help dial how much of the signal gets compressed.

Re: Cleanest amp head sim or JC-120 "like" head
by spaceatl on 2011-12-02 13:36:17.1680


Dr Z is one of my favs...

Re: Cleanest amp head sim or JC-120 "like" head
by meambobbo on 2011-12-02 22:05:13.3210

Just to add my 2 cents, I'd use "no amp" using a the tube compressor and some EQ'ing.  If that was too sterile sounding, I'd set up a dual amp with "no amp" on one side and BF double nrm on the other - play with each channel's volume to get the sound you want.  And turn up the bias on the BF double.

also use a bit of chorus and reverb.

Re: Cleanest amp head sim or JC-120 "like" head
by meambobbo on 2011-12-02 23:15:19.8640

Check this patch out:

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