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Wah pedal position wont save onto pocket pod .help
by gohma on 2011-12-02 20:06:44.0930

My tone requires the fixed wah effect to get my opens to sound the way I want.

The problem is when I save the wah position onto the pocket pod. it puts the wah on ALL the tone channels on the pod

and when I turn the pod OFF and then ON again  the wah Dissapears Completely !

How do i keep the wah on all the time? i dont know how !!!

Ive been using Pod farm for a few years now and decided to finnaly get the pocket pod for a live sound processor

and im exremely impressed with this little guy. if i can just get the wah figured out.

any ideas or am I hosed?

Re: Wah pedal position wont save onto pocket pod .help
by rip3 on 2011-12-07 14:39:04.3020

Hi there, you are hosed the answer is here,

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