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I Finally Bought the HD500
by dylantan on 2011-12-04 05:09:00.4690

After 3 years with the X3 Live with some detouring to the Nova System and some analog stuff, I bought the POD HD500. After trying out at the authorized retailer, I went for the purchase. Generally inspected the purchased unit before bringing it home. However, I realized that the unit had nothing on it except New Tones and the Wah does not engage with the Wah Toe thingy assigned. Besides, the travel while pressing firmly on the pedal was at best nil.

Took the unit back and the retailer gladly replaced it with another - this time round, I checked the patches and the pedal (expression) travel - it felt right with about 5mm worth of travel while pressed in. Got it down to church worship, and everything just worked the way I had read and envision it to do.

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