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Pod HD 500 Dropping PC Sound
by panthur on 2011-12-07 11:57:46.4210


I have had my Pod HD 500 for about a week.

I'm using it connected via USB direct to my motherboard (i.e. USB sockets at the back of the PC, not on a riser card etc). Every now and again the sound from the PC will drop out and stay that way. The guitar sound continues to work fine.

I'm using headphones connected directly into the back of the Pod HD 500. The Volume mixer application within Windows 7 is showing sound output (The small green VU style meter is working), but no sound comes through the headphones. This seems to be random as it will work fine for a long period of time, and then just cut out.

It appears that the drivers are causing some software issue within Windows 7 (Fully updated) as once this has happened, the Sound control panel application locks up if I try to subsequently disable the Pod HD 500. The volume mixer also locks up after a short while. Forcing a reboot which then seems to solve the problem. This is on a Windows 7 64-bit installation fully updated and with no other problems prior to this. There is also a Creative Labs X-fi XtremeMusic in the system, the POD HD 500 is set as the default sound card, x-fi drivers are fully up to date. I used to use a Digitech GNX 4 alongside the X-fi in a similar configuration without issue.

Does anyone have any recommendations to a solution (Perhaps there is a BIOS setting issue, it's an ASUS P5K motherboard on fairly standard settings, i.e no overclocking) , or is this a driver issue for which a fix is in the works ?


Re: Pod HD 500 Dropping PC Sound
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-12-08 01:16:15.2450


Asus motherboards and the P5K series were pretty reliable as I know from personal experience.  However, I assume this is a home built PC?   I have built many PCs in my time and part of the 'fun' can sometimes be resolving the odd curved ball that sometimes gets thrown.

There are no issues with the POD HD500 drivers with Windows 7 64 bit AFAIK, so I'd be nore inclined to look more closely at your computer.

Is your BIOS up to date?  Are all the chipset, graphics and other device drivers up to date with the WHQL tested versions (non WHQL - particularly graphics drivers can sometimes be a source of trouble)?

What about the computer's memory modules?  Are they listed on Asus' QVL for your motherboard?  Memory is another pet topic for me when machines lock up for no good reason.

What else is attached to the USB buss and might have higher priority than the HD500 and cause a conflict?  

Do you have a wireless network adapter attached to this computer?  If so turn it off or temporarily disconnect it to see if that improves matters for you.

Have you thought about fitting an inexpensive third party USB 2.0 interface card to your PC?  This may resolve the issue.


Re: Pod HD 500 Dropping PC Sound
by lef38 on 2011-12-08 08:05:27.2210


The same happens to me, not very often, it *seems* to be related when I switch the pod HD500 on/off several times during the same Windows session.

For example, when this happens, Windows Media player would load  a mp3 but refuse to play it: its Play button is disabled.

I have to reboot if I want the Windows sound back.

Re: Pod HD 500 Dropping PC Sound
by panthur on 2011-12-08 10:19:00.6610

Everything is fully up to date with WHQL drivers etc. No wireless adapter (LAN, onboard).

The other USB devices are a standard keyboard and mouse, although they are on a different USB controller.

Memory is 2x 1Gb OCZ DDR2 @ 800Mhz. OCZ are on the QVL and I've never had any issues so far.

When the problem occurs it is only the sound controls that lock up (it's like they freeze), everything else continues to work fine.

Re: Pod HD 500 Dropping PC Sound
by lef38 on 2011-12-08 12:22:30.5380

It just happened again;  i was selecting a preset with the footswitch, and the pod crashed. At the same time an avi that was running in Windows media player, was stopped, and no sound was available in Windows anymore.

HD500 edit was running during all that time.

I have Windows 7.

Re: Pod HD 500 Dropping PC Sound
by panthur on 2011-12-10 14:37:28.7920

I just opened the Pod HD500 editor and got a BSOD, first time I've had that in years.  Unfortunately the dump didn't save (i might hit reset too soon).

Re: Pod HD 500 Dropping PC Sound
by panthur on 2011-12-10 14:57:46.8220

Ok, WTF is going on, do I have a defective unit ?!?!?

Just opened the Pod HD500 Editor. Opened a new patch, set amp to the Divided model and got an incredibly loud high pitched tone constantly through my headphones. Nearly deafened me. The editor shows a strange signal path (a blank amp, a single empty effect unit and thats it. The display on the HD500 is showing New Tone and 8 blocks (where the usual effects etc would be) with no icon and N/A underneath.

Are Line6 actually on these forums ?, because if I can't get any advice I'm sending this back. I'm gutted that the unit sounds so good but it unusable under these conditions.

Re: Pod HD 500 Dropping PC Sound
by darealagentp on 2011-12-12 09:54:20.6390

Panthur... let's focus on your HD500 by itself.

Does this high pitched tone occur ever when the HD500 is powered up but without any connectivity to your computer? This is important to establish.

Second of all, have you tried installing the latest USB driver on a different host PC (or Mac) and test the behevior of USB connectivity with your HD500 to a completely different host? If the same exact symptoms are occurring there is most likely an internal issue with your HD500, yes.

If you get a chance to re-flash the HD500 (with your current host PC), please do so. I'd opt to not keep existing patches/presets when prompted in the Monkey wizard.

After a re-flash, disconnect and power off the HD500. Before powering back on, press and hold the Left Arrow (on the 4-way directional keypad to the right of the HD500's LCD screen) and power on the unit while continuing to press and hold that switch until the Preset appears.

Re-test. To me, if you can test the USB behavior on a different system at least we can A/B the behavior of the HD500 with two different hosts. Hopefully the unit itself isn't with issue, but if so we can easily help you out as it would be a warranty fix.

RE: Pod HD 500 Dropping PC Sound
by Line6Don on 2011-12-15 17:13:53.3430

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Re: Pod HD 500 Dropping PC Sound
by nathanbcook on 2011-12-17 11:16:54.4210

I have this same issue.  I'll be using HD500edit working on a tone then all of a sudden the view will switch to two blank fx blocks then the amp/mixer.  The extra blocks you typically see are gone.  High pitch sound (almost deafening).  I have yet to have this occur when editing patches directly from the HD500.  When I unplug the power from the pod, I immediately get a BSOD on my PC.  This has happened to me at least 5 times now.  It happens more often than not when using HD500edit.

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