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M5 Blinking Nonresponsive/Blinking on Powerup
by brandts on 2011-12-07 18:17:04.1550


I received an M5 as a gift in August. I have been using it a couple times per week with guitar and bass; it is great when it works!

For the last month or so, the unit has occasionally been powering off and then on when I press both switches to change presets. This seemed moderately annoying, but was really a minor issue until the last few weeks, when it began to happen nearly every time I press both footswitch buttons. To top it off, yesterday I plugged the pedal in and got nothing but a flashing pale green screen. The unit was also producing an audible click inside the housing, rather than sending signal to the amplifier.

I hope that it might be as simple as a reset or something like that, but the pedal is essentially dead at this point. It will not do anything but blink. Please advise. Thanks!

- Brandt

Re: M5 Blinking Nonresponsive/Blinking on Powerup
by Line6david on 2011-12-13 15:38:04.7060


This could be a hardware issue but also could be related to the unit being under powered. Are you using your original power supply with the M5? If not, try powering up using that and see if it resolves the issue.



Line 6 Customer Support

Re: M5 Blinking Nonresponsive/Blinking on Powerup
by brandts on 2011-12-15 15:31:51.1650

Well, I called support, figuring that would be faster. Mentioned 1 Spot and was immediately told that I'm now SOL. It makes a good paperweight, I suppose. I'm fairly certain the repair bill won't be different from the cost of a new unit.

Further research is leading me to realize that this may be a known problem, but there are no warnings in the manual, which I did read before plugging in. It worked fine for long enough that it never occurred to me that the 1 Spot might even be causing a problem, and switching back to the original power supply did not help the switching on/off issue even before the pedal gave up. The unit is now blink mode only regardless of power supply.

I do think it would be nice to have more warning about this issue, perhaps at least for future customers.

Re: M5 Blinking Nonresponsive/Blinking on Powerup
by jkca on 2012-01-19 17:05:08.4590

  David, Lets try some customer service here. This power supply is obviously an issue. Search the forums.  I have already had mine repaired(waiting 3 weeks for parts) and it is doing the same thing as before.  I'm using the regular power supply and the unit doesn't work. I tried returning to place of purchase, but I'm told I need to contact Line6.  What should I do now?  Wait 5 weeks for a replacement?   Thanks 


Re: M5 Blinking Nonresponsive/Blinking on Powerup
by ag25 on 2012-03-03 08:05:50.0540

I have this same problem, except I've only ever used the L6 power supply. Typically what happens is I power it up by plugging it in, all the LCD's flash on, and then the light turns on to the default "white" colour and continues to blink.

Most of the time if I bang the unit lightly with my fist where the M5 logo is, it will click, kick-in and then I can use it. I've tried this in multiple power outlets with the same result.

I would be interested in an official response from L6, as to wether the issue is from my power-adapter or the unit itself. If it's the unit I'll happily bring it in to my local dealer since it is still under the 1-year warranty!

Re: M5 Blinking Nonresponsive/Blinking on Powerup
by Mothra on 2012-05-07 22:09:34.9220

I have a brand new M5 with the same problem and never used anything but the L6 power supply.  There are a lot of posts here under different descriptions but essentially the same problem.  I can'y believe L6 hasn't manned up and addressed it.

Re: M5 Blinking Nonresponsive/Blinking on Powerup
by guitarninja on 2012-07-02 08:53:43.3010

Ok, So I had the same problem and took it back to my retailer like a good consumer. This retailer was kind enough to issue me with an RMA (Returns number) to get this fixed.

Here is my problem, why do I have to pay £35 for this as it seems to be a recuring problem with the unit.

come on Line 6, confess that you have a problem and offer the fix.....

Naughty boys!!!!

My RA is RA60004260

I'm now guessing that I will not hear a thing about this concidering the bad reports regarding Line 6 service I hear...

Shame as the product is killer, let down by bad customer service........

Re: M5 Blinking Nonresponsive/Blinking on Powerup
by guitarninja on 2012-08-20 04:51:20.7600
  • Ok so my unit went back to Line 6.
  • I was charged £35 for the repair
  • on challenging this I was told the unit was "no fault found" then returned to me
  • The unit worked for a bit then the fault happend again
  • Line 6 were kind enough to send a new PSU but the wrong one arrived and does not work with the M5
  • The unit then settled down and I was able to use it with the original PSU
  • At a Dean Guitars Show (I am the product demonstator for them in the UK) it went wrong again and now is not working at all.

I am not at all happy with the customer service levels from Line 6, I can't understand why this has still not been resolved...........

I have today asked them to fix my M5!

I will post a vid on Youtube to demonstrate the problem if I do not get a resolve so they can see the problem.

Re: M5 Blinking Nonresponsive/Blinking on Powerup
by fabs1111 on 2012-10-28 20:12:34.5540

Some days ago my M5 fail during a gig, blinking when I changed presets. Latter at home, It started to blink on power up, or sometimes entered the color calibration and freezed .

To hold It in my pedalboard I had removed the screws. So I put the screws back and the problem was solved. The screws hold the circuit board. Hope It helps...

Re: M5 Blinking Nonresponsive/Blinking on Powerup
by fullertonjohn on 2013-02-19 08:54:55.9030

My M5 is doing the same thing - Why doesn't Line6 address this?

Re: M5 Blinking Nonresponsive/Blinking on Powerup
by DoubleVirgo on 2013-02-27 14:56:06.9180

Mine too. Very frustrating. Although it is slightly comforting knowing I'm not alone.

But let me add that I also think it's awesome when it works.

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