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M13 with MIDI foot controller
by tylerhier on 2011-12-09 05:58:33.9060

Could I use the Line 6 M13 with something such as the Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro? I have FXUnits 1&2 for distortions, FXUnit 3 for mods and filters, and FXUnit 4 for delays. Is there anyway that I could program one tap controlling to have like the Overdrive with the Tube Echo, then switch over to a Tube Drive with a Auto-Volume Swell just by the Ground Control Pro? Thank you.


Re: M13 with MIDI foot controller
by phil_m on 2011-12-09 07:02:15.9360

Yes, you can. The M13 can be completely controlled with MIDI.

But, actually, to do what you're describing, you don't really need to resort to a MIDI controller. If you have the M13 in latch scene mode, you can change scenes by simply hitting one button. People usually use MIDI controllers is they're incorporating the M13 into a larger rig or they want to have it in a remote location from their pedals.

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