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Rocksmith! Any comments?
by BigChas52 on 2011-12-09 14:18:52.6660

Hi folks . . .  I'm thinking of plunking down some of my hard earned cash on Rocksmith  ($79 USD)

Anybody tried it yet?  Comments?

Re: Rocksmith! Any comments?
by holeshot1982 on 2011-12-09 17:38:25.6770

Yep, bought it the week it came out, sold it 3 weeks later BUT loved it!!! Here's why....

Like anything, to be good at it you have to put in a lot of time, which I don't have for video games. I would get my difficultly level up and come back 2 days later and couldn't play it because it was to difficult. Plus it's not 100% perfect with the notes you play, meaning you could miss a note, note value, or hit a ghost note and you would never know it based on the game. The little mini games for practicing and teaching some techniques are fun but it's a hit and miss sometimes. I did manage to get one song to 100% which unlocks a master mode for that song in which you play along with it without any notes on the screen. However, the only reason I got to 100% was because it was a 3 chord song with stright 8th notes so it was kinda hard to mess up.

I would recommend it for someone wanting to learn guitar or starting out playing cause it can be a fun way to play and train however due to amount of time you have to put into it I'm not sure I would recommend for anyone that already plays.Plus the inital song selection leaves a little to be desired, at least for me.....Am kinda sad I sold since they released some Megadeth as DLC but the 2.99 per song cost helped ease my mind a little! LOL

Re: Rocksmith! Any comments?
by nd_mustang on 2011-12-14 20:40:21.0290

I purchased this “game” as well.  Its “ok” fun, but not as good as I’d hoped.  It should be noted that I’m an amateur, only playing for about 2 yrs now, but with some music in my background.

Areas I had difficulty with:

·         Time lag – haven’t gotten this fixed yet, and its annoying.

·         It ratchets up difficulty at a weird rate sometimes, and doesn’t show you how to move your hand at all to compensate.  So, you’re playing along in an “anchored” position and all of a sudden it throws 2-3 notes in a new position at you, with no discussion on hand movement, finger positioning, or anything like that.  What ends up happening is either I skip them, or I try to play them in a different position (7th fret on one string can be 2nd fret on another), but it didn’t like that either.

·         It promotes sloppy play – when it shows that you need to play a note, you can play a bunch around it and its “OK”.  For instance, lets suppose you’re to play 3rd fret on A string.  If you “barre” your finger across all 3rd frets and play low E, and the A, it’ll give you full points, even though you hit the wrong string in the process.

·         It doesn’t show you likely spots to put your fingers, so doesn’t promote learning the neck and when/how to move around, all it wants you to do is hit the right fret at the right time, regardless of technique.

·         It doesn’t show you repetitive patterns in a good way; i.e. when I memorize a song it’s usually around verses and choruses.  They don’t represent that well.  They want you to memorize, note for note, the song.  Hard to do with most music.

Things I liked:

·         Representation of the guitar and the “sound” of the guitar.  Not sure yet if I like the color-coded strings, but I could probably get used to it w/time.

·         Variety of music is not bad – not my picks, but how much Metallica could they put on it anyways?  J

·         I plug MY guitar into MY Xbox.  How cool is that!

·         Some songs in dropped tunings!  That was a surprise.

Overall, I’ll play it some more, but it didn’t quite hit my expectations out of the box.

Re: Rocksmith! Any comments?
by geeker on 2011-12-21 14:26:45.3750

I bought it and love it. It does have it's issues and I hope they will get them fixed. I'm not a big gamer but this does rock and it's a great teaching tool.......

Re: Rocksmith! Any comments?
by Antoane on 2012-10-25 07:44:18.8480

Hi Guys !

I've just downloaded the Rocksmith Demo on steam.

I've a Line6 GX, and i can't make it work.

Is there a way to use my GX to play the game ? or you must have their dedicated cable ?

Thanks !

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