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Amp B silent in Dual amp mode
by talwilkins on 2011-12-09 15:34:04.7660

When I make a dual amp patch, the second amp will no make a sound. It seems tha signal isn't split at all.

Only if I put an overdrive pedal or some other effects will the second amp suddenly get a signal. Most effects don't have this effect, mind you.

Just some effects will have this effect. Af course I want the singnal split with or without any effect in front of it.

What am I missing? The volumes are all set ok. In the mixer both amps are set to centre (other settingsdon't solve the problem).

Re: Amp B silent in Dual amp mode
by silverhead on 2011-12-09 16:12:10.6540

I think the problem is that your patch setup is such that the Inputs are routed seperately to Path A and Path B because you have no FX before the split path. In this setup. Input1 is routed to Path A and Input 2 to Path B. If you are only using Input1 then you won't hear anything from Path B until/unless you place an FX before the path split.

The Source Signal Input Routing is explained in the manual in the Inputs section. Have a look - it will explain things more clearly.

Re: Amp B silent in Dual amp mode
by Line6Don on 2011-12-14 11:56:56.3950

Hey talwilkins,

+1 to silverhead.

Without the effects in front of the amps, you will need to make sure that input to is set to 'Same', that way the signal from your input source will be sent to both amp A and amp B. Without making this input source change, amp b will be looking to for input from another source, therefore amb B will be silent enless of course you did have something connected to this source.

For assistance configuring your input source you can check out the POD HD500 advanced users guide at the link below:">">

We also have a video tutorial that illustrates how to configure input sources for your presets:">">

Re: Amp B silent in Dual amp mode
by Line6david on 2011-12-20 15:06:50.2290

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