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Spider Jam - Reverb LCD problem
by kmblair on 2011-12-11 13:42:25.4040

My Spider Jam amp has recently developed a very annoying problem.  The LCD screen constantly displays the Reverb setting.  Turning the Reverb dial to off does not remove the Reverb display.  Attempting to change to other settings is very difficult since I cannot see them long enough to get to the correct menu.  I have reset the amp to factory defaults and updated the firmware to 2.09, but to no avail.  Other than not being able to access menu items, the amp sounds great.  Any thoughts on how to resolve this issue?


Re: Spider Jam - Reverb LCD problem
by Line6Don on 2011-12-15 12:06:16.8300

Hey kmblair,

It sounds like there could be a problem with the reverb pot vibrating while the amp is on, which brings up the reverb settings on the your display. I would suggest that you turn the amp off, and try parking the reverb at either full or zero and then turn the amp back on and reload your presets. If the amp still displays reverb on the screen, the reverb pot will need to be serviced. You can have a Line 6 Service Center assess it for repair, to find one in your area, follow the link below:">">

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