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Acoustic 700 hum
by jeffwellman on 2011-12-12 12:53:47.8110

I have had my Acoustic 700 repaired for a loud hum when using the 1/4" cord twice and they never got it fixed for long..  I'm at a point now where I'd rather just used the digital cord and forget trying to get it repaired. I use it through my POD XT Live all the time.   Is there any kind of box I can use or small amp that will accept the digital cord and power the guitar so I don't have to haul the POD around or am I just outta luck?

Re: Acoustic 700 hum
by amx05462 on 2011-12-12 13:50:16.4960

most likely  its a bad  ground  to the  output  plug   you can probably  fix  it yourself   worse case  the   plug  has  gone  bad.. and you need  a replacement  but id  check all connections  and  solder  joints..  as to the  amp...  well  the  only  ones  i know that  take  the  vdi    are  line  6 amps..

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