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12 string with capo?
by MikeHolmes on 2011-12-13 00:48:48.2470

Can anyone advise best approach to handle 12 string models with a capo. I'd hoped on the JTV I could do away with  real capo to use the 'virtual capo' but doesn't seem to work on 12 string models?  If I use a real capo at say 3rd fret then as the frets are pretty high and with 10 guage strings it just bends all the strings out of tune so unusable.  The 'alt tunings' seem to work on 12 string but cant save models?

Any suggestions?  If I overwrite one one of the altered tunings to six string 'capo 3' settings would that work? This would seem such a common requirement I'm surprised that it seems so difficult?

Failing that can anyone recomend a 'real capo' that wont bend all the strings out of tune!.

Re: 12 string with capo?
by davidb7170 on 2011-12-13 07:01:23.0340

Not an answer about virtual capo-ing, but I still use an actual capo with my JTV-59 all the time. I only use the downward retunings of the alt tuning knob for special needs -- stuff you can't use an actual capo on, obviously.

I've always (40 yrs) been in the habit of capo-ing and never really saw it as a hassle. One thing you might consider if you stay with actual capos is the style. The spring loaded ones are pretty stiff and really clamp down -- pulling you sharp over the fret. I use 2 types -- a screw type, I think it's a Planet Waves, and lately a G7 capo -- clutch type -- stays where you press it. I apply only enough pressure to create clean notes over the fret, and they don't pull sharp...

There's techinque to everything... I use a capo on my 12 string model with 10's and have had good luck.

Just a thought. Now, back to you normally scheduled question...


Re: 12 string with capo?
by Line6Don on 2011-12-19 11:19:28.2930

If you are having trouble with strings bending out of tune when using a real capo, then it sounds like have rather high action on the guitar. Have a local guitar tech perform a full setup should correct this sort of issue. As davidb7170 mentions above, it also depends on what kind of capo you are using.

You can save alternate tunings to the 12 string models if you'd like using the Variax Workbench Software. We also have a video tutorial for using the virtual capo on the guitar itself available at the link below:">">

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