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Dotted 8th on Spider Valve MKii ???????
by JJMaritz on 2011-12-14 01:53:46.9490

Hi there...

I hope someone will be able to help with an answer to this question?

I am looking at buying a Line 6 Spider Valve MKii with a Shortboard pedal, but I cant seem to find any info on Dotted 8th delay settings. Can this rig be set to Dotted 8th and you only tap quater notes in?


Re: Dotted 8th on Spider Valve MKii ???????
by Line6Don on 2011-12-20 11:24:33.2250

The tempo settings for the built in delays are quarters notes with tappable tempo input from the FBV Shortboard. There is not an option to change the note value of the delay time other then the tempo it is set to. You can also take the delay out of tap tempo control mode and set it to a time in millaseconds if you'd like.

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