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Expression Pedals get messed up
by ReverendLove on 2011-12-14 11:10:48.2860

1. Start the Pod with EXP-2 plugged in.
2. Start pc editor

3. Select any patch from the factory or user list

4. In 3 of 4 times it looks that the on board pedal works as EXP-2 and the external pedal as EXP-1 but mostly I don't hear any parameter changes.

5. Pull the external pedal out and plug it in. - Everything works as expected now.

6. Select any patch from the factory or user list

7. I am at 4. again.
That is definetely annoying and after the fifth or sixth time I want to hurt anyone.
I have a pod hd 500, firmware 1.40, editor 1.06., a Roland EV-5 expression pedal  and everything worked pretty until I changed to the new editor and firmware.


Re: Expression Pedals get messed up
by ReverendLove on 2011-12-16 01:47:48.2280

I know, there are some threads regarding similar issues. But none has a solution or an official statement confirming this issue. Does nobody use an external pedal? Did nobody try this?

Re: Expression Pedals get messed up
by darealagentp on 2011-12-20 17:14:44.0930

After you updated the Flash Memory of your HD500 to 1.40, did you go two very crucial steps of: (1) global settings reset and (2) onboard pedal calibration?

Here are the instructions: Make sure you try that first. Let us know if doing so helped you.

Re: Expression Pedals get messed up
by ReverendLove on 2011-12-27 04:04:24.9030

Hi Perry,
thanks for your answer.

and yes, I did it repeatedly:

1. Global Reset

2. Pedal Calibration.

But it did not help.

What I detected:

The patch I start with works fine. Even if it is factory or self made. Also all patches do I created myself. But when I change to another factory patch the pedals get messed up like described before. If I change to a self made preset everything works as expected.

Don't get me wrong: This is not a killer issue, as my own presets work. But I am sure that is not the way it should work. And it is pretty annoying as I avoid to use the factory presets because I don't want to hurt my budgies.

BTW: I changed my pedal to a Mission Engineering - excellent. But it did not help on that issue.

Re: Expression Pedals get messed up
by Line6Hugo on 2011-12-30 08:22:29.8980

Which specific factory presets are you finding this problem with so that we can attempt to reproduce the problem?  These would need to be factory presets with both EXP 1 and EXP 2 set to control a parameter within the preset.



Re: Expression Pedals get messed up
by ReverendLove on 2011-12-30 15:30:34.6080

You can try it with "Best of HD" 01A - 04B. All those react on my external Pedal as if it were EXP1 and on the internal as it were EXP2.

Interesting: If there is only one pedal in the preset and this is assigned to EXP1 (See for example FX Heavy - 02A Class Glide) the internal pedal works as expected as EXP1.

And FX Heavy 05A "Ramp Down EXP1" which has EXP1 attached to the "Throbber" filter and EXP2 to the Volume works fine as expected.

Confusing and unpredictable.
And my own presets work fine as those do i attached here.

Re: Expression Pedals get messed up
by digiprod on 2011-12-30 16:10:09.2890

To confirm ReverendLove issues, I am having the same problem. I am using a Mission L6 pedal as my external expression pedal. No matter what I assign the wah effect and the volume effect to, it seems to switch assignments when changing to another patch and coming back or it appears the volume pedal works in HD Edit, but nothing changes. It almost appears that the HD500 loses its detection of the external pedal althought both lites remain lit showing two pedals.

This makes adding an expression pedal useless.

Re: Expression Pedals get messed up
by joebuerger on 2012-01-02 13:16:53.5160

I have the same problem on Jimmie got Gypped.  I added the volume pedal as Expression Pedal 2, and Expression Pedal 1 controls the volume.  I can only get the wah to work via Edit software. 

Re: Expression Pedals get messed up
by digiprod on 2012-01-03 13:35:16.8100

What are we to think? Has this question stumped the experts?

Re: Expression Pedals get messed up
by ReverendLove on 2012-01-03 14:36:40.3530

And there were other threads, which described this issue. Probably not exactly described as I did. So I hoped that they could reproduce it.
Strange and most irritating thing is: Presets I made myself work fine. So I bet on a firmware or software bug.
Yeah and one reason for getting the Mission L6 was to get a device which officially supports Line6 gear. The other reason was, that I didn't want a cheesy second plastic pedal for 69€ (~100U$).

BTW: Two of the mentioned threads.">">">">
No Solution!

Re: Expression Pedals get messed up
by digiprod on 2012-01-03 16:40:46.0000

Same here!

Re: Expression Pedals get messed up
by missioneng on 2012-01-04 16:09:10.8950

We will try to reproduce this at Mission and post a reply here. If there is an issue, it seems unlikely that it's anything that can be impacted by expression pedal hardware, but at the very least we can see if we can confirm the problem. We will report back here with analysis. Mission Support.

Re: Expression Pedals get messed up
by digiprod on 2012-01-04 16:12:24.9070

Any information or a cure will be greatly appreciated.

Re: Expression Pedals get messed up
by Line6Don on 2012-01-05 16:48:06.0000

I tested this using ReverendLove's recipe that he provided in his original post. I used a POD HD500 v1.40 and POD HD500 Edit 1.06 with the Line 6 EX-1 expression pedal. I connected the expression pedal to the POD, powered the POD on, then connected directly to the USB port on the Windows XP computer.

POD HD500 Edit received my presets, at that point, I navigated to the Best OF HD presets 1A One Coil Brit. I loaded them  and checked to see which pedal was assigned to EXP 1 and 2. The on board expression pedal was assigned to EXP-1 and the external EX-1 was assigned to EXP-2, they worked just fine to sweep the full range of the wah or volume models assigned to them. I switched to 2A Jimi Got Gyped, and same results on board expression controlled EXP-1 and external EX-1 controlled EXP-2, full sweep works just fine.

Prior to testing this I performed a Global Settings reset by holding down the left arrow key while powering on the POD HD500. I then performed a expression pedal calibration by powering up the POD HD500 while holding down the right arrow key and following the instructions available at the link below:"><strong></strong><br/>">"><strong></strong><br/>">

Re: Expression Pedals get messed up
by ReverendLove on 2012-01-06 05:06:58.5520

Hi Don,
your answer is really appreciated. And I installed the 1.40 firmware repeatedly with performing the "Global Reset" and "Pedal Calibration". But you have one ingredience that wasn't on my recipe. We, me and digiprod, have a Mission L6 or a Roland EV-5. But I guess that isn't much important.

But your post incited me to dig somewhat deeper. So it was helpful in provoking me to do some more research - actually not my job.

As I detected (and assumed) is the behaviour a bug or issue in the communication between HD500 and HD500 Edit.

So my question: Did you select a new pattern with HD Edit (Point with a mouse on it and double click) or did you choose it on the HD500 itself by pressing the buttons?

Navigating with the HD500 itself behaves as you describe. But when I navigate in HD-Edit I get the mess as I described in my first post. And if I change back to pressing the buttons on the HD500 while HD-Edit is running the messed up presets stay behaving crazy.

But due the fact that I use the 5-6-7-8 mode it is much more convenient to use the select method in HD-Edit.

As I mentioned before: It is no show stopper but it is very annoying and I insist that  it is a bug.

Re: Expression Pedals get messed up
by digiprod on 2012-01-06 05:53:04.2110

Thanks for your help Don,

I will get back to trying out some more stuff later tonight.

But let me explain something. If I set up my own patch or modify an existing patch in the set list where the wah is EP1 (assigned to the on-board expression pedal) and the Mission pedal is EP2 is being used as the volume pedal using HD Edit, test it use it and it works as assigned. Then I save it to the HD500 by sending the new patch or the modified one back to the HD500 using Selected sent to HD500 with HD edit. Then I change patch to another one in the set list and come back to the saved patch the expression pedal assignments are messed up. IF I then unplug the cable connected to the Mission pedal and re-connect it, it will correct the assignments, until I switch to another patch again and I am forced to repeat the process.

The same is true if I shut down everything and power up the next day! Even though I saved the patch back to the HD500. If I assign the pedals, save it, make sure I have the mission pedal connected before I power up the HD500 (by the way my HD500 is in a home studio and never moved) why would the pedal assignments change? Shouldn't whatever programming I did with HD edit, save back to HD500 stay in place?

I also flashed the HD500 a few times with new firmware and tried Global reset. I will run thru all this again later tonight when I get back home and report back to you guys.

Re: Expression Pedals get messed up
by digiprod on 2012-01-06 13:22:22.7340

OK Don,

I got home early today to play with this issue again.  This is exactly what I did.

I followed the Global reset here:

I followed the Pedal re-calibration here:

After doing this (making sure the Mission Pedal was connected the entire time) I went to the Son of Plexi patch . I needed to reset the expression pedals the way I wanted them. I want the wah pedal on the on-board expression pedal called EP1 (turned on and off with the toe switch) and the Volume pedal to be the Mission Pedal called EP2 with no on-off switch (on all the time). I get this working with HD Edit, save it back to the HD500 using selected save.

Now I go on to the next patch to try which was Jimi Got Gyped. Of course the expression pedals do not match the EP1 and EP2 settings at all, they are reversed or the patch does not see the Mission Pedal at all. So I reset the patch to work the same way as the first patch wah pedal on the on-board expression pedal called EP1 (turned on and off with the toe switch) and the Volume pedal to be the Mission Pedal called EP2 with no on-off switch in the Controllers window. I could NOT get the Volume Pedal to work at all at first. I got the EP2 Mission Pedal to see the volume pot in HD edit move, but no sound was changed! I had to completely remove the volume pedal in the FX window and re-create it a few times before it finally worked.

As you move between patches, even ones that have been saved back to the HD500, it is a crap shoot IF the pedals will work the way they were programmed. Very frustrating and unusable. There does NOT seem to be anything GLOBAL in these settings. the expression pedals seem to switch to whatever assignment they like from patch to patch. Shouldn't the on-board pedal and the Mission Pedal keep their repected EP1 and EP2 assignments when only changing patches? Nothing was powered down.

My HD500 is 3 weeks old and never left my home studio and otherwise works. The Mission Pedal is brand new. The DT25 is brand new and the JTV-59 is 4 months old. I am using HD Edit on a Mac running Lion. Everything is updated to the latest versions.

It appears to me that there is a bug in the software/firmware or there is an issue with communication with the external pedal. I am using this with a JTV-59 via VDI to the HD500 and a L6 Link to the DT25 or I would have just used a regular old analog volume pedal.

So did I Get Gyped? Any other suggestions before I do the Jimi Hendrix on this with lighter fluid?

Re: Expression Pedals get messed up
by Line6Don on 2012-01-13 16:59:11.3190


I restested this for you two ways, one switching presets on the HD500 and other switching presets using POD HD500 Edit.

When I switched using the hardware, everything worked correctly and as expected. When using the Edit application, I received the same problem, the assignments switched. If you are using 5-8 FS mode, you could simple roll the presets knob that is to the left of the display to change presets without hitting a FS.

This is a bug that I will notify our software team about, in the mean time you will need to switch presets using the POD HD500 hardware to keep the second external expression pedal assignments.

Re: Expression Pedals get messed up
by digiprod on 2012-01-13 17:15:07.6350

Thanks for being so diligent on this. This looks like what I am seeing. Even when I save the patch which contains expression pedal assignments with HD Edit software back to the HD500 they do not stay assigned correctly.

Hope we see a fix soon, thanks.

Re: Expression Pedals get messed up
by ReverendLove on 2012-01-14 02:32:40.0110

Hi Don,
these are good news, because I don't have to bother if my Pod is broken. I hope you get it sorted at Line6 latest in the next but one. I will mark your last answer as solution.

Re: Expression Pedals get messed up
by cankerse on 2012-03-31 10:13:25.0660

  I have a concert tomorrow and I just realized such an error existed.So the last post was sent on Jan 14th and I guess there is no solution. Does that mean: I need to change the patch between the songs by hand without hitting any footswitches. Am I correct? So, when do you think a patch will be available?


Re: Expression Pedals get messed up
by ReverendLove on 2012-03-31 14:01:38.4660

No. This behaviour only exists if you edit the patches with HD Edit and switch between the patches with the edit software and NOT with your footswitches.

Just try try it with your pod when it is not connected to computer. Should work.

Re: Expression Pedals get messed up
by cankerse on 2012-04-01 02:25:59.2810

Ok , thanks a lot. So I need to set up my parameters via Edit software and after all, I should disconnect the device and re adjust the expression pedals. I hope it shall work.

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