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Using HD500 with DT25 OR FRFR amp?
by digiprod on 2011-12-15 19:24:29.9750

Anyone get to test or AB a Pod HD500 with a DT25 and compare it with a FRFR (full range flat response) amp?

I am interested in creating a nice rig for practice, home playing, does not need to be loud. I do not play anyplace large.

I have a JTV-59 and a Pod HD500. Not happy with the HD500 sound into my Blackstar HT-5 either into the effects loop or amp input. Also not crazy about the sound I got with a small Crate Acoustic amp I have. I usually just connect the HD500 to my Yamaha studio speakers and get only OK sound. I own several other tube amps, Fender Blues Jr, Fender Super Champ XD, Blackstar HT-1R and older Crate Solid State amp and a small Vox. HD500 is not great into any of these.

I am interested in the DT25, but not crazy about the high price and wonder if it will be still to loud to get good tone in my house. I can not find a DT25 to try in any store here in NJ. I can buy a full range powered speaker or a Tech 21 Power Engine (which is actually not FRFR) way cheaper (about half) with the added ability to play Variax Acoustic sounds into it. Atomic Amp (also not FRFR) is almost as expensive as DT25. I was thinking maybe a

Question I have for the forum community are has anyone had the opportunity to try a FRFR and compare it to a DT25? Any input or discussion would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Using HD500 with DT25 OR FRFR amp?
by bluepete222 on 2011-12-16 00:51:55.9210

hi there

i have a dt25 and dt50. personally i think the 25 is better all round. sound wise it is fantastic! this is coming from someone who used to own boutique amps and mega expensive pedal board. i would get the combo with the extension cab then you have all angles covered.

Re: Using HD500 with DT25 OR FRFR amp?
by greghall on 2011-12-16 02:10:38.4030

I've had a DT25 for about 4 months now and absolutely loving it. I used to go from the HD500 direct to PA or through an FRFR monitor at home, and whilst that sounds very good, for me the DT25 takes the HD500 experience to the next level, giving a real tube feel with all the flexibility of the modelling. The integration between the 2 via L6 Link works really well. I've never been happier with my rig!

The only thing I'd say is that the DT25 is loud - louder than I expected a 25w amp to be, so for home use the Low Power mode is essential. Whilst the LP mode is great, it doesn't have quite the same feel as Full Power mode, although personally I still prefer it to the FRFR option. I'm thinking of trying a power attenuator so I can use FP mode at home.

A FRFR amp may be a better choice if you use the non-electric guitar models on your JTV-59 as well though. Not sure how the combined modelling / mags would work with the HD500/DT25 set up.

Hope that helps

Re: Using HD500 with DT25 OR FRFR amp?
by digiprod on 2011-12-17 10:01:05.3500

Thanks for the great info it sure helps me in my decision.

I am leaning more toward a DT25 over a FRFR system as I am sure the electric guitar sounds will be quite a bit better. But I would want to use some of the acoustic models in the JTV-59 and I guess will need to find a nice way to feed an acoustic amp or FRFR sound system for that from the HD500. I wish the HD500 had better switching for the multiple outputs. Looks like the effects loop may be the only way to feed another system or amp for acoustic sounds.

High volume is an issue for me with the DT25, that is why I never even considered the DT50 (not to mention the size and weight). Usually you need to drive tubes a bit to get the desired sound. That is the reason all my tube amps are small. Sure wish I could find a DT25 in a store near me so I can see how loud is loud. Basically my Blackstar HT-5 and my Fender Blues Jr are plenty loud enough for my use. As I would expect the DT25 will be much louder. I guess the one thing about the DT25 would be the cleans would probably be cleaner with all that power as compared to my other small amps.

Maybe I need to wait until hell freezes over to see Line 6 bring out a 10 watt version, hahaha

Anyone find the best way to use the Dream rig - JTV, HD500 and DT25 and get a nice elegant way to get nice acoustic modeled sound out to another amp or FRFR system? Is the HD500 effects loop the only way? I really wanted to use the effects loop for other outboard effects I already own.

Re: Using HD500 with DT25 OR FRFR amp?
by digiprod on 2011-12-17 16:17:58.1360

Spent a good amount of time trying to get decent tone out of the HD500 and JTV-59 into the Blackstar HT-5 I already own. Using the clean channel in the amp with the 4 cable method and some patches I found on the forum as a starting point I made some progress and learned some stuff.

Sure takes lots of tweaks to get a decent tone, but I did get some usable sounds. Nothing I am greatly happy with mind you. I am using mostly just preamp versions and played around with levels on the amps, etc. I am getting more choices this way, but the little Blackstar amp sound better by itself with a few pedals.

Re: Using HD500 with DT25 OR FRFR amp?
by digiprod on 2011-12-19 17:31:49.9390

Ok, I took the plunge to complete the so-called Dream Rig, I bought a DT25 to add to my JTV-59 and recently Re-purchased HD500. You guys helped in my decision.

Musicians Friend was running a Xmas special giving 15% off any single item. So that was $850 with no tax and free shipping. I am buying this sight unseen and unheard as I could not find one in the entire state of NJ to demo. I figured MF has good return policy so I will give it a try.

Hopefully I will finally get to experience the sounds the HD500 can deliver as I have no exactly been crazy for what I have been able to achieve with my other amps.

DT25 looks like a very nice amp, just hope the volume is not too much for my needs.

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