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Line6 POD Toneport UX2
by Chardie on 2011-12-16 03:00:30.7410

My line6 audio interface as per the title is having a few issues and I was hoping to get some advice on it.

I have it plugged into a piece-together PC which I built myself, and if it matters, overeclocked. Most of my USB slots are taken up, and I currently have a large draw from the graphics card and CPU. Its possibly putting strain on my system and causing my interface to 'flash' on briefly with 'white' noise to whatever volume is set for the headphones output. It could be also described as random distortion. It happens on multiple programs, and some days its worse than others... tempremental in a way
I ordered it online too, I wouldnt know if the box was bumped around a lot (US to Aus air freight), but it doesnt seem broken, all the needle gauges work just fine. I only have my guitar plugged into it regularly and that doesnt have a problem (Thanks POD Farm! ) as well as my headphones. I was planning to put a big dual-stereo set of studio monitors into it ( :c)

Any help apreciated. Ill be checking frequently. Thanks in advance!

Re: Line6 POD Toneport UX2
by Chardie on 2011-12-16 03:10:37.1540

It is actually happening right now while I leave this page up and watch Youtube videos or playing Skyrim (for the intensive graphics strain, and it is actually pretty fun.)

D: my ears are dying, I cant get a good louder level if i wanted to, it just blares noise right thru my brain, almost cooking it seriously though ANY help would be appreciated.

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