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Can POD HD PRO midi control HD100 mkii?
by damonkey999 on 2011-12-16 23:02:29.0630

This is a question that I could just try out myself, but I figured someone would know the answer and save me the 1 hour it takes for me to drive to Guitar Center, pick up midi cables, drive home, tweak and try to make it work, conclude it doesn't work, drive back to GC, return cables, and drive home.

To get to the point, can the Pod HD Pro control the HD100 mkii head via midi in anyway?
I was hoping it could at least change the preset on the head at the same time as I change the preset on the POD. For example, I hit 1A on my POD (via Floorboard, of course), the amp would change to 14B.
Would this be possible?

Could I go even further and turn effects on and off, and change parameters of effects, without even changing the presets at all?

If the POD HD could control the HD100, or vice versa, this could open a big window on how my set-up works for my live sets.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Re: Can POD HD PRO midi control HD100 mkii?
by guitars69 on 2012-01-19 12:54:50.4960

I would say yes.  The MIDI out on the HD series has been improved so you might even be able to do more than just patch changes.

I just got an mkii half stack last night and would have tested this with my HD500 but I didn't have the right kind of MIDI cable.

Re: Can POD HD PRO midi control HD100 mkii?
by guitars69 on 2012-01-26 13:09:34.1100

Got my new MIDI cable and verified that you can change banks and patches on the Pod HD500 floorboard and have it automatically switch on the HD100 MKii.

Other things like pedal on/off and wah stuff will need to be set up in HD Edit from what I can see.  It should be possible though, because the HD500 can send the appropriate control messages.

The Pro should be no different.

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