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Swapping the Flextone III's speaker
by gilmoreryan on 2011-12-18 17:59:21.1220

hello here's the thing, i cant open up the volume past 4 on my Flextone III Plus, after 4 the lows start to sound like the speaker is about to crater, it sound horrible, it started to do this after about a year and a half of use, anyways i thought the good thing to do is swap out the speaker, any suggestions for someone who loves to play blues, rock, country and metal? i was thinking about buying either a Celestion Heritage G12H-55 or a Celestion Classic G12T-75, or the Celestion Classic Vintage 30, would the specs on any of those speakers match the specs on the speaker that came with the Flextone III? and what are the specs for the 1x12" speaker that came with the Flextone III Plus?

Re: Swapping the Flextone III's speaker
by Line6Hugo on 2011-12-22 10:34:22.3630

As all speakers will sound different, the important thing to remember is to match the specifications of the speaker you already have.  The specs should be right on the speaker itself if you take a look at it in the back of the amp, but should be 12"/ 8 ohms/ 80 watts.  Just double check in the back of the amp.



Re: Swapping the Flextone III's speaker
by Line6david on 2011-12-22 10:39:29.9110


+1 to Hugo,

The Speaker that originally came in the Flextone III is the Line 6 CP12 80. Any 75/80 Watt 12" Speaker running at 8 Ohms should be suitable. The closest match being the Celestion Seventy 80:">">



Line 6 Customer Support

Re: Swapping the Flextone III's speaker
by GRIMESPACE on 2012-01-07 10:04:09.6780

Have you come across the ported back project that made the rounds a while back? Makes a huge difference. Check this out:">">

There was a ton of postings in the past that addressed different speakers - not sure if they're still available. Search for postings by geodavjenk and spaceatl (amongst others).

Re: Swapping the Flextone III's speaker
by gilmoreryan on 2012-01-10 12:48:59.3800

thanks for the help guys, i ended up putting in the celestion classic lead 80 (the seventy 80) its 12" 16 ohms and 80 watts, i was afraid to turn it up thinking i might blow the speaker because of the differance in ohms, apparently not from what i was told, was told that it might just cut the volume but, i havnt noticed any poorer volume differance, in fact its actually louder then it was be for hand, i took it up just past half and the windows started to rattle lol the amp was drounding out my buddys fender dual reverb delux stack, and the sound im getting out of the celestion classic lead 80 is increadible, and playing through a stratocaster, the sound is a perfect match, its got really nice rich lows and an extreemly detailed high end, and the mids have an almost silky feel, compairing it to the stock speaker i had in it, this speaker blows it out of the water, no matter what sound i play with, it sounds utterly amazing, from having the settings set from a dimondplate 4x12 treadplate metal sound to a warm crisp and clean double verb 4x12 brit v30's. i have to admit changing the speaker alone changes the tone dramadicly, more so then swapping pickups or using pedals, celestion puts out. and it made me speachless considering the amp is only a 1x12 combo, and i havent even broke the speaker in yet. heh heh heh, ill let ya know how it sounds after i get it broke in.

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