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44 magnum Pedals
by sloppyfingers on 2011-12-18 19:33:23.3640

Any-one try these out with the pod HD'S?..I thought I read some feedback where the 22 calibre may colour the sound too much, so I thought the 44 magnum may not break up so quickly and be good enough with a 1x12 for those quick lil jams.]]>

Basically I have my big rig set ..I have a rack stereo tube marshall power amp with a 1960 cab..I never played played with it too much, but it sounds killer with my hd500. I'm just looking for a smaller set-up..The other option is the fender Blues Junior or the Marshall tube 5 watter..I can go straight into the front of either of these.

Sorry if this is a repetitive question, which has been beaten to death..Just looking for feedback on people that have tried any of these smaller  portable set-ups.

And now, after the fact, I found some feedback on this subject, so sorry about double posting this.

Re: 44 magnum Pedals
by Line6david on 2011-12-21 17:38:12.9380


The 44 Magnum pedal should work fine as a power amp between the HD500 and a 1X12 speaker cab.



Line 6 Customer Support

Re: 44 magnum Pedals
by JTSC777 on 2012-10-30 09:49:50.6050

Egnater Tweaker or any small tube head and a 1x12 cab will really warm up your HD unit and be plenty loud.My HD300 sounds great through the effect loop of this setup! Have Fun!

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