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Registration Error 523 on two different units HELP please
by mhamlet on 2011-12-19 01:13:12.2820

Hi all,

I bought a brand new Pod Xt Live back in May Last year and had trouble registering it. I bought it from ebay through a very reputable major bricks and mortar retail chain (I have bought a lot of gear through them, both online and in their shop) and I had problems registering the unit with Line 6. At the time I was not too concerned about it so I left it at that and figured I'd get back to it one day as I already had a Pod Xt Pro and X3 Live (both of which are registered).

Last week I decided to try and register it again, now that I can transfer my model packs from my exiting Pod Xt Pro, and X3 Live. Again I could not register the unit. I recieved the following error:

"ESN could not be verified. Please confirm the supplied USN. ( Error: 523)"

I sent a support request through the LIne 6 website, recieved the email stating that if Line 6 deemed my problem to be important enough they would generate a support ticket and get back to me. This did not happen. I guess my problem just wasn't important enough.

So this week I purchased another Pod Xt Pro in mint condition, from ebay. The guy I bought it from de-registered the unit a few days ago and today I updated the firmware to 3.02 and tried to register the unit. Again I was greeted by the above error.

After a lot of searching and reading it seems that many other people have had similar problems, yet I cannot find a post that explains how to solve the problem.

For the record:

I have entered the entire serial number/s numerous times (both with caps on and off)

I have tried to do it from two different computers

I have turned off firewalls, antivirus' etc.

I have tried to do it via wireless and LAN

I have tried to do it on different days and at different times (thinking that the line 6 server could be choking or something)

I have submitted a request for support but I got no reply (as outlined above)

I have submitted another support request to Line 6 today in the hope that maybe my problem will this time be considered important enough to gain a support ticket (but I am not confident of this after my last attempt)

So I am reaching out to anyone here who can help me. If you know of a solution to my problem, or can help in any possible way, I would be very gratefull if you could help by posting.



Re: Registration Error 523 on two different units HELP please
by mhamlet on 2011-12-19 17:23:50.8300

Line 6 finally came through and sent me a support ticket. From there they assigned the ESN to my serial number for both units and I was able to register them.

I guess if you keep at it and complain loud enough someone will hear you.

I am now happy.

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