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Terrible problems with alternate tunings on JTV-89
by jilipolla on 2011-12-19 07:27:15.6790

Hi guys,

First I'd like to point out that the korean made JTV-89 I bought 10 days ago suffered very poor (if any) quality control:

  • the neck is a bit rough near the headstock, it's not as "polished" there as it is on the remaining of the neck
  • most screws on the humbucker rings were lose
  • worse, the volume and tone pots were lose too, I had to remove the knobs to tighten the pots' nut
  • there is some buzzing at about the 3rd fret on the high E string, I had to raise the bridge a bit, but doing so, I also needed to check the intonation,
    and this is where the real problems start !
  • The tiny screws (~ 4 mm long) that allow the bridge to be moved away from the neck didn't help, because they were much too short !
    I had to replace them with longer screws, otherwise intonation wouldn't have been possible on the lower strings...
    I will have to confirm this intonation problem when changing strings though...
  • But the worst concerns the alternate tunings:
    the "retuned" strings produce awful metallic/flanged sounding notes, with weird overtones, even on single strings and a clean amplification !
    The standard tuned strings are still sounding OK, but alternate tunings remain completely unusable !!
    There is clearly something wrong with the pitch processing !

How can this alternate tuning problem be fixed ?

I really need help, guys !

What should I do ??

Regards from Belgium,



I upgraded the flash memory on the Variax, it didn't cure the problem...


POD X3 Live

Workbench 1.72.0

Latest drivers

Variax USB Firmware 1.03

Variax Flash Memory 1.71

Re: Terrible problems with alternate tunings on JTV-89
by jilipolla on 2011-12-19 11:26:07.1730

Problem solved !  

This is what happened:

my amplification wasn't loud enough to minimize the acoustic sound coming from the guitar;

it's the mix of

  • amplified alternate tuning sound
  • acoustic regular tuning sound

that was creating these flanging/chorusing sounds I heard !

I discovered this while recording a track, and listening back to it...

Confirmed this with headphones...

Sorry !  

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all !


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